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MyHealth 3-Sentence Summary

All SickKids patients are encouraged to learn how to summarize their health history and speak to health-care providers in a concise way – to get across their needs and concerns in every health-care experience.

The MyHealth 3-Sentence Summary provides some tips on how to summarize your health and current needs in about three sentences.  This skill is really important when you meet your new adult health-care providers or when you don’t get to spend too much time with a health-care provider. Being able to summarize your history briefly, sends the message that you are knowledgeable about your health and that you know how to focus on what is important.  After you give your summary, your provider will typically have questions.  This doesn’t mean that you’ve forgotten important information, it just means that you’ve given enough information that they can now focus on what’s important to you during the appointment.

How do I use MyHealth 3-Sentence Summary?

Sentence 1: My age, diagnosis and brief medical history
Sentence 2: My treatment plan
Sentence 3: My question/concern to talk about during this visit


Hi, my name is Sally Butamol.
Sentence 1: I am 16 and have asthma. I have been hospitalized twice, but not in the last 5 years.
Sentence 2: I have been taking Ventolin and Flovent since I was 3.
Sentence 3: I am here today because I can’t run anymore. I wheeze too much and can’t breathe.”

Download a copy of a bookmark to help you remember how to do a MyHealth 3-Sentence Summary and practice this skill while you are still a patient at SickKids.

Don’t forget to ask your health care team for a copy of the bookmark at your next clinic visit or check out AboutKidsHealth Family Resource Centre on the main floor for a copy.