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Good 2 Go
Good 2 Go

History of Good 2 Go

The Good 2 Go Transition Program (Good 2 Go) was founded in 2006 at SickKids with the aim of preparing all adolescents with chronic health conditions to graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the adult-oriented health-care system.  It was expected that this would require a significant change in the culture of SickKids that could only happen by working collaboratively with clinics and programs at the hospital and engaging adult health-care providers in being partners in the transition journey.

The onset of transitions work at SickKids first began in the late 1990s. A team composed of Donna Scapillato (Child and Youth Worker), Nze Onuoha (Social Worker) and Miriam Kaufman (Adolescent Medicine Physician) designed an eight session psychoeducational group to aid in the transition of young people from SickKids to adult care.  A SSHRC grant was sought, but the project did not receive funding.  At the same time, the SickKids’ Diabetes Program (primarily Nurse Practitioner Marcia Frank) was seeing the effects of poor transition and started to develop a weekend transition program for her patients.  

A few years later in 2002, a symposium of about 100 stakeholders from the community (local, nationally and internationally) was held at SickKids. The day included talks from parents, teens and three transition experts.  Small group discussions focused on problem-solving around the barriers to transitions identified for SickKids patients.  The summary report from that day remains a valuable resource over 10 years later.  

In 2006, after a number of proposals for a formalized transition team had been presented, the hospital executive, with the encouragement of SickKids’ Children’s Council, decided to fund a team that consisted of a half-time Health Psychologist (Elizabeth Dettmer) and a full-time Clinical Nurse Specialist (Laurie Horricks), with Miriam Kaufman continuing with the project as Medical Lead.  As of 2013, Good 2 Go has grown to 2.5 FTE and continues to be strongly supported by the SickKids’ Executive Office.

In 2014, our core team consists of professionals from multiple disciplines who work together to achieve program goals. Our team is currently led by a Clinical Health Psychologist (0.8 FTE), and includes an Advanced Practice Nurse (1.0 FTE), an Occupational Therapist (0.6 FTE) and a Adolescent Medicine Paediatrician (0.2 FTE).  We are housed within the Division of Adolescent Medicine in the Department of Paediatrics.  As a consequence, we have additional members who provide ad hoc support, including another social worker and trainees from multiple disciplines (i.e., adolescent medicine, nursing, social work, psychology).