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Check out some of the clinical and research posters Good 2 Go has contributed to over the past years.

  1. The Good 2 Go Transition Program : Helping Programs Promote Healthy Transitions from the Paediatric to Adult Health Care Systems -- Winner of the best poster award at the 2007 SickKids Interprofessional Practice Week.
  2. Consensus for Best Practices  for Transition to Adult Services With a Focus on Health Care --This poster won the people’s choice award under the ‘knowledge transfer’ category for the GTA Rehab Network Best Practice Day in March 2007!
  3. Although peer support is important for more than just transition, we wanted to include this poster  from Bloorview Kids Rehab that discusses the development of their program to paid family facilitators and youth facilitators.
  4. Growing Up Ready  describes the framework used at Bloorview Kids Rehab to prepare youth with disabilities for adult life.
  5. Turning Point  is a program for teens and young adults with acquired brain injury that has life skills classes and weekend retreats.
  6. Our colleagues in Portland, Oregon have presented a poster entitled "Transition Programs: A Holistic Approach to Success " that details their program and its complex interactions within their organization, their state and the world.
  7. One of the things outlined in the above poster is Camp Spirit, a hospital based camp promoting transition to adulthood in adolescents with physical challenges. In addition to providing this unique service, an evaluation was performed, with positive results.
  8. MyHealth Passport , a free, easy to use online tool that creates a wallet sized card with important health information, has had its eight month anniversary, and the results of these first months (with an emphasis on transplant users) are presented in this poster.
  9. A Collaborative Life Span Approach to the Transition of Adolescents with Chronic Conditions  is the first poster we have received from our energetic colleagues in Calgary--More to follow, we hope. This describes their approach to developing a regional transition program.
  10. Good 2 Go collaborated with a bioethicist from the Joint Centre for Bioethics to muse about Ethical Issues in Transition  which is the topic of this poster presented at the Seattle Paediatric Ethics Conference, July 2009.
  11. This poster about a collaboration between McMaster and SickKids on transition tools for teens with hyperlipidemia was presented at the IV World Congress of Paediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in Cairns, Australia, 2009.
  12. The adult epilepsy service in Halifax has created a wonderful transition clinic, and presented a 10-step-algorithm for transitioning pediatric epilepsy patients to an adult service including results from their first cohort of patients at the American Epilepsy Society in 2009.
  13. An IBD Transition Tool: Patients' and Families' Perspective describes the evaluation of a newly developed timeline tool that promotes guidance to help children and youth with IBD to promote independence skills across the continuum.
  14. Youth with Chronic Health Conditions: How can we best teach you self-management skills?  This poster describes the consultation process with youth with chronic health conditions to develop a self-management program.
  15. Are your patients Good 2 Go? Vocational Readiness for Youth at SickKids . This poster describes the three aspects of approaching vocational readiness at SickKids: Hospital-wide EmployABLE event, Career Clinic, and a Vocational Database.
  16. Self Management 101 for Youth  describes the development and testing of a self-management program specifically designed for youth with special health care needs.
  17. The Development of a Transitional Timeline Resource for Youth with Type 1 Diabetes and their Parents  poster was presented to demonstrate the utility of a transition tool that considers a youth's developmental needs in supporting the management and care of a youth's Type 1 Diabetes.
  18. Development and Implementation of a Transition Timeline for Pediatric Patients with Sickle Cell Disease  describes how to make a customized timeline and the outcomes of using it in a clinic.
  19. This poster describes the Development of a Standardized Education Plan Checklist and Clinical Pathway for the Transition of Patients from Paediatric to Adult Health Care  for three different age groups (12-14, 14-16 and 16-18 year olds).
  20. A nursing master’s student led this project on the development and ways for Improving Transition Support for Adolescent Transplant Patients during Hospital Admission .
  21. Read about the Lived Experiences of Teens and Parent  who participated in Good 2 Go’s first Early Transition Group for youth with chronic conditions (ages 12-14).  
  22. The Effect of a Transition Clinic on Adherence in Young Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients Transferring from a Paediatric to Adult Care  Setting describes some promising results in this small pilot project.
  23. This poster describes the development of The IHeartChange Website Targeting Transitioning Patients With Congenital Heart Disease and suggests that such a site holds significant clinical promise.
  24. Published guidelines recommend the development of strategies to improve the rate of transfer and quality of transition of patients with congenital heart disease. This study describes one of the first interventions –The iHeartChange Transition Website—and the level of participant engagement.
  25. SickKids and the University Health Network formed a research collaboration to develop a self-management skills-building program described in Youth with Chronic Health Conditions - How Can We Best Teach You Self-Management Skills.