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Graduation Ideas

More and more, we encourage health-care providers to use the terminology of graduation rather than transfer with young people. Clinical programs often incorporate some way to mark the graduation of a teen, whether this is by presenting them with a certificate, making sure that everyone has a chance to say goodbye, or encouraging youth and families to develop photo and signature books. Some clinics host a graduation ceremony during a transfer clinic or transition-themed day during which hospital staff who have had an affiliation with the patient can be invited to attend to celebrate this next milestone in the teen’s life.

Here are two graduation certificates that can be used to mark a youth’s graduation.

SickKids Graduation Certificate

Generic Certificate of Achievement

We suggest you fill in the patient's name and the name of your program, print in colour and collect signatures from health care providers who have known the adolescent during their time as a SickKids in- and outpatient and then present it to youth at their graduation or last clinic visit