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Guidelines for Transition

A number of organizations are working to develop guidelines to help support paediatric and adult health care providers in transition youth.  Some of the guidelines are specific to conditions, while others are designed to be generic.  See links below for recently developed guidelines.

Care Transitions
Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) provide best practice guidelines that focuses on building on the core competencies and concepts known to facilitate safe and effective care transitions including best practices to support the client, their family and caregivers through transitions in care and in any environment across all health-care and community settings.

Transition to Adult Health-care Services
Transition to Adult Healthcare Services Work Group convened in February 2012 to make recommendations to the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health on a provincial approach to the transition to adult services for youth with a chronic and/or complex clinical condition including physical, developmental and/or mental health conditions. The recommendations are intended to be generic rather than organization, geography and/or condition specific so that they can be adapted to each patient, patient population, the unique characteristics of an organization and the geographic area. The recommendations and associated documents/resources/tools have clinical applicability for paediatric and adult healthcare providers in helping youth and their families who will be, or have already been, transitioned to adult services.

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Transition 
BC Children’s Hospital is developing provincial Clinical Practice Guidelines, Transition Tools and Resources for health care providers, families and youth, with expected completion in March 2016. Stay tuned for further information.

Transition from Paediatric to Adult Care 

Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC)  Transitions Community of Practice (CoP) is proud to announce the release of the CAPHC Guideline for Transition From Paediatric to Adult Health Care for Youth with Special Health Care Needs:  A National Approach.

The Guideline and the 19 personal, clinical, and system–level recommendations are based in evidence and built on the knowledge, experience and consensus of a large and engaged national network over the course of four years.

The Guideline was developed to address the CoP’s definition of transition as a purposeful, planned movement of adolescents with chronic medical conditions from child-centered to adult-oriented health care that is supported by individualized planning in the paediatric and community settings, and results in a coordinated transfer of care and secure attachment to adult services. As such, the objective of the Guideline is to support a successful transition framework from paediatric to adult care that results in individuals who are better equipped to navigate the system and better able to manage their own health.