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MyHealth Passport

What is a MyHealth Passport?


MyHealth Passport is a wallet sized card that lists a person's medical conditions, past procedures and treatments, medications, allergies, and other health related information.

How can I make a MyHealth Passport?

The Good 2 Go program hosts a website that helps people make MyHealth Passports for themselves for free.  When you go to the MyHealth Passport  website, you can chose from a list of over 50 conditions. If your condition isn't listed, choose the generic passport and/or medication record.

Personal information can be entered and printed.  Young people decide what information to put in, but often create the MyHealth Passport with a health-care provider who can provide them with accurate information or a parent.  Adolescents are encouraged to carry the passport with them at all times and present it to providers when needed.  In addition to a printed copy, you can also email a PDF copy to yourself.

Access MyHealth Passport  online.

Who can make a MyHealth Passport?

MyHealth passports are for everyone, not just adolescents.  Often we ask adolescents to make a MyHealth Passport as part of their transition preparation because making a passport helps a person:

  • Learn more about their health and their health history
  • Become better prepared to talk about their health with a new health-care provider
  • Summarize important health information, such as emergency contacts and pharmacy information

Having a written summary can also be useful to share with others during emergency situations.

Parents of school age children might want to help their child make a MyHealth Passport to help children learn more about their condition. Parents of younger children may want to make a MyHealth Passport to have on hand for easy access in emergencies or to provide to alternate caregivers (for example, school personnel, camp counselors, babysitters).   And of course, all adults with special health-care needs can carry their own MyHealth Passports!

Here is a list of the different templates available (as of January 2017). To download a PDF printable version, please click here. If you have a condition that isn’t listed here and would like to make a suggestion (or even help in the development of a MyHealth Passport), contact the Good 2 Go Team  with your idea.

Acquired Brain Injury
Advanced Care Planning
Anorectal or Hirschsprungs
Cerebral Palsy
Chronic Pain
Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip
Cochlear Implant
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
Congenital Heart Disease
Craniofacial Condition
Cystic Fibrosis
Developmental Disability
Generic Passport
Genetic Metabolic
GJ Tube
Heart Transplant
Hiv Aids
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Interstitial Lung Disease
Intestinal Rehabilitation
Kidney Transplant
Liver Disease
Liver Transplant
LTX Testing
Lung Transplant
Marrow Failure
Medication Record
Mental Health
Metabolic Bleeding Disorders
Multi-Organ Transplant
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular Dystrophy
Myasthenia Gravis
Paediatric Stroke
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia or Bronchiectasis
Pulmonary Hypertension
Sickle Cell
Spina Bifida
22q Deletion Syndrome
Vascular Anomalies
Ventilation Non-Invasive
Ventilation with Trach

To download this list in a PDF file, please click here