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Patient and Family Education Events

Patient and Family Education Days

Many programs host half-day or full-day annual events for patients and their families, during which participants learn the latest about their disease, treatment and related topics, while also having the chance to meet other youth with the same condition (sometimes for the first time).

We encourage and support programs in including a transition component to any such events, and we can be invited at any stage from the planning to implementation of workshops and lectures to help make it a success. Some of the topics we can speak about include: chronic illness management, parenting youth with special health care needs, adolescent development and using transitions tools and interventions across the lifespan.  

Many SickKids’ programs have run Patient and Family Education Days that incorporated discussions about transitions.  Here are example agendas from such programs:

Customized Transition Education Events

We also support programs in developing Transition-focused Education Events (evenings, half-day, full-day) for their adolescent patients and their families. There are a number of ways to host a transition event, and common components include the following:

  • Educating patients and their families about topics related to their disease/condition and adolescence (e.g., risk-taking) and aging (e.g., reproduction)
  • Learning about care in the adult system
  • Meeting adult health-care providers
  • Meeting other youth with the same condition
  • Hearing from a young adult with the same condition who has graduated from SickKids and engaged in the adult health care system
  • A physical or virtual tour of the new adult facility

Here is an example flyer from Getting Ready for Adult Cardiac Care: An Information Night for Teens and their Family  outlining the components for a Transition Orientation Night.

Good 2 Go team members work with teams to plan these events, help in leading specific workshops (in a fun and interactive way!), support evaluation strategies and empower teams to sustain these initiatives over time in an effective manner.  

We are developing guidelines for health-care providers to use in planning a transition education event. Stay Tuned!

Good 2 Go Transition Program Information Booth

This table top display board describes the Good 2 Go program and popular resources to support transitions. Youth, caregivers and health care providers can benefit from checking out the booth, picking up resources and speaking with a Good 2 Go team member. If you’d like to learn more about the Information booth or use it at your next event, contact us.  

Good 2 Go Information Nights for Youth (G2G Teen Night) – On Hold

The Good 2 Go Transition Program can offer single session groups at times that would be convenient for patients and their families (evenings and weekends). The Transition Information Night is for all youth (age 12 and up) with special health care needs. These 90-min sessions will allow youth to meet other SickKids patients, discuss how to manage their own health care as an adolescent and start talking about transition to adult health care. A separate session will be offered to parents concurrently.  The content of these sessions can be tailored to the needs of specific populations if needed or can be kept more general.

See an example poster advertising 2013’s G2G Teen Nights .

Good 2 Go Information Nights for Parents and Caregivers – On Hold

Good 2 Go Transition Program can offer education sessions for parents of transitioning youth with a variety of chronic health issues. Topics for discussion include; developmental tasks of adolescents, encouraging self management skills, educational/vocational/financial planning, advocacy, and finding support through other parents and community organizations. These groups may be run at the same time as psycho-educational groups for youth or offered separately.

Contact us for further information and support in organizing a Patient and Family Education Event, Customized Transition Event Education Event or to host a Good 2 Go Teen Night.