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Program Specific Transfer Clinics

A transfer clinic is a designated clinic designed to prepare youth to leave SickKids and learn about the details of the adult clinic to which they will be transferring.  

There are a number of models that exist for transfer clinics, but most include an opportunity for adult health-care providers to meet graduating youth in the paediatric clinic for an introduction or to conduct the youth’s first adult appointment in a familiar setting. It may also be possible for paediatric providers to be part of the young person's first visit in the adult system. Youth as well as their parents will be encouraged to ask questions about the adult healthcare facilities and care directly to adult care providers.

Current models of transfer clinics include:

  • Meeting the new adult health-care providers
  • Participating in small group discussions about transition
  • Completing a MyHealth Passport  to summarize current medical information in a portable card format
  • Receiving a detailed transfer letter and graduation certificate
  • Having a chance to say goodbye to paediatric providers

Good 2 Go has developed guidelines for creating a transfer clinic. Contact us to obtain a copy or to make an appointment to help you and your team plan a transfer clinic for your clinical population.