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Preparing for First Adult Appointments

Facilitation of First Adult Appointment

We know that actually making it to the first appointment in the adult system can be difficult for teens who have graduated from paediatric health care. SickKids’ clinicians can make contact with the adult health care system and schedule the teens’ first adult appointment for them, or the clinician can assist the youth in calling the adult care provider to schedule the first adult appointment. This can take place during one of their final paediatric visits. It may be possible to arrange a tour of the facility for the teen before this appointment.

Processing of First Adult Appointment 

SickKids’ providers can meet again with the youth after the first adult appointment to review and process the adult system event and to further process termination with the adolescent health-care clinic/provider. It’s also possible to ask youth to call and let a paediatric provider know how the first adult appointment went. These strategies allow youth to feel well supported during the transition period.

Transfer Checklist

Good 2 Go has developed a EPC-friendly checklist for health-care providers to use as they prepare patients for transfer. Included are many of the action items required for a smooth transfer into the adult system (e.g., transition discussed, clinical summary letter written) and provide a method track your progress with these steps.  The form can be ordered directly from the print shop (Form# 54728 – Transfer Checklist).

Resources to Provide at Point of Transfer

Getting Ready for Adult Care – Booklet for Youth and their Families
The Getting Ready for Adult Care  booklet is freely available for SickKids clinical programs to distribute to their patients around the time of graduation (and before a youth’s first adult appointment). The booklet provides general tips and advice for graduating youth, including what to expect and how to prepare for their first adult appointment or inpatient stay in an adult hospital. The 2014 revised version is here!

Getting Ready for Adult Care – Customized Program  -Specific Insert
For many programs, an important addition to the Getting Ready for Adult Care booklet is to develop a customized 2-page insert that outlines specific information about where a youth will receive their adult health care. This insert can include an up-to-date map, contact information, pictures of their new health-care centres or providers, and any other important details about the adult centre (e.g., “Parking can be difficult to find” or “Be sure to charge your phone, as patients may have to wait a while to be seen”).  

Getting Ready for Adult Care Booklet - Customized Inserts - Template
Here are some example inserts from different clinics and a template you can use to develop an insert for your clinic. Contact Good 2 Go if you need more support or ideas to customize your Getting Ready for Adult Care booklet insert.

University Health Network Lupus Clinic
Red Blood Cell Disorders Program
McMaster Congenital Cardiac Clinic
TGH Congenital Cardiac Clinic
TGH Immunodeficiency Clinic
Women's College Hospital CACE Clinic

Getting Ready for Adult Care Booklet - Customized Program - Specific Booklet
For other programs, the general information about the adult health care centre is less applicable, and a customized booklet is developed. Such a booklet still includes general information about preparing for adult health care, but also includes specific resources and ideas on how to take care of one’s health in the new system.

Here is an example of a customized program-specific Getting Ready for Adult Care Booklet Good 2 Go has helped develop in conjunction with SickKids’ Complex Respiratory Medicine Program and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital – Getting Ready for Adult Health Care: Learn How Things Work

Good 2 Go can help your program develop a customized booklet. Contact us  for further information.

Tips for Youth – Testimonials and Information from Young Adults
Sometimes the best way to help adolescents prepare for their adult appointments is to provide the information directly from previous graduates. Clinical programs can help facilitate this information in a number of ways, including pamphlets with tips and tricks from patients who are now receiving their care at adult hospitals or by inviting recent graduates to speak to graduating youth (e.g., during a transfer clinic or transition event).  

Here is an example of a brochure developed by Good 2 Go in conjunction with the Lupus Clinic and a SickKids graduate for youth graduating from the Lupus Clinic. It includes tips for youth living with Lupus and provides an opportunity for youth to learn what former SickKids patients have to say about school, work, sexual health, drug and alcohol use, and managing your health care.

Tips for Young Adults Living with Lupus