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Good 2 Go
Good 2 Go

Staff Education and Training

The Good 2 Go Transition program provides flexible teaching on transitions theory and methods to help new and experienced health-care providers increase their knowledge and integrate transitions preparation into their clinical practice.

Topics for rounds include facilitating effective transition, encouraging self-management, identifying differences between the paediatric and adult health-care facilities, effective and kind termination practices, adolescent psychosocial development and quality care during transitions.

Workshops can also be facilitated by Good 2 Go to increase provider comfort in addressing the transition needs of particular populations that experience challenges in transition.  For example, Good 2 Go organized a workshop for health-care providers to address the unique transition needs of youth with disabilities in November of 2013.  Workshop content was related to current funding and key services available in the community for this population.

Contact Good 2 Go if you feel staff in your area or practice would be interested in educational presentations or workshops related to transition.

Preceptorship, Mentoring and Training Supervision

Good 2 Go team members provide preceptorship, mentoring and training supervision for interprofessional trainees and current health care providers seeking more intensive training in transitions programming. Contact Us to learn more.