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Good 2 Go
Good 2 Go

What We Do

The success of our program in improving the transition journey of all youth with special health-care needs and chronic conditions is based on our efforts in developing capacity and partnerships within SickKids, the community and adult health-care centres. As a team of four individuals (total of 2.5 FTE/week) we strive to engage stakeholders to implement (in paediatrics) and continue (in adult care) the transition programming required for a safe continuum of care.

Clinically, our continued growth is a result of our key activity as knowledge brokers within SickKids and our community—we teach and empower paediatric and adult health-care providers to lead and evaluate their own transition initiatives.

Our role as consultants/experts in transitioning of complex patients also contributes to the provincial and national spread. Recent examples of our consultancy include working group membership to lead transition initiatives with the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres’ Community of Practice for Transitions, Children and Youth Advisory Table of the Toronto Central LHIN and Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health Youth Advisory Committee.

We aim to influence the culture of SickKids and surrounding organizations by championing the importance of the transition process for youth with medical care needs at every step in the patient journey. Our open approach to sharing resources via our website, publications and presentations allow us to provide transition-related resources to a broader community outside of SickKids—and identify SickKids as a leader in transitioning youth.   

Our Activities

Our activities are categorized into five domains (each with areas of overlap).

Direct Clinical Care of Patients and Families

  • Assess and provide transition-related intervention in the Good 2 Go Transition Clinic to patients and/or their families, in conjunction with their health care teams
  • Consult with SickKids health care providers and external partners to develop and implement transition care plans  

Education and Knowledge Broker

  • Develop and provide educational workshops and presentations for SickKids’ staff and their community adult partners on the key components of transitional care.
  • Create and maintain an educational website accessible to patients, families, SickKids staff and other health-care providers.
  • Present on Good 2 Go Transition Program initiatives at conferences at local, national and international levels.
  • Provide direct education to paediatric patients and their families on transition preparation.

Program Development Support and Consultation

  • Assist programs in developing and integrating transition-related practices within their programs.
  • Support development of partnerships with community and adult health-care sites to provide continuous smooth transfers for patients and families.
  • Serve as “experts” in transition programming to multi-organizational and government level panels/councils developing transition guidelines and best practices.

Resource and Tool Development

  • Develop and provide tools and resources for programs that can be modified to meet specific patient and program needs.
  • Provide frequently updated bibliographies and literature on transition to health care providers and to families of young people with chronic conditions.

Research and Evaluation of Transition Interventions

  • Plan and implement evaluation studies (quality improvement and research studies) of transition initiatives/tools and transition programs within SickKids and collaborating hospital and community settings
  • Serve as a research consultant to programs evaluating transition efforts.