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Elective medical students and residents will function as an integral part of the team. They will be assigned to a service and supervisor, based on interest and goals and objectives of training. They will see new consults and function as the primary health care provider for some patients, under the close supervision of the staff and fellow. They will take histories, do physical examinations, interpret investigation results and formulate differential diagnoses and daily plans of care. They will participate in educational rounds and seminars.

Medical electives, you need to apply through University of Toronto:

Resident Electives for Canadian Trainees, and Canadians training in the USA and who do not require a work permit, please apply through University of Toronto: Please note that the PGME requires 1 month minimum for processing application


International Resident Electives for trainees who require a work permit, please list attached for all required documentations. Please send complete package to education.haemonc@sickkids.ca. Please note that the PGME requires minimum 8 months for processing application.

Please click here to find out what documents are required for an elective appointment.