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Meet Our Team

NAIT Director:  Dr.Daniel Morgenstern  (M.D.) - Oncologist

Chief of Haematology/Oncology:  Dr. Jim Whitlock (M.D.) - Oncologist

Head of Neuro-Oncology:  Dr. Eric Bouffet (M.D.) - Oncologist 

Clinical Trials Project Managers:
Aparna Bhan
Rachel Polintan

Clinical Trials Project Coordinators:
Nicole Cooseelal 
Abongnwen Abianui
Ceola Weir

Nurse Coordinators: 
Andrea Cote 
Michaila Aitcheson

Nurse Practitioners:
Denise Mills  - Solid Tumour
Sue Zupanec - Leukemia &Lymphoma

Social Worker, Patient Navigator
Karen Fung

Please send all general inquiries to nait.info@sickkids.ca

We are a part of a larger interdisciplinary team including oncologists/ physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dieticians, rehabilitation specialists, social workers, child life specialists, psychologist, chaplain, and the palliative care team who are available to help provide care.