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Health-care Professionals
Health-care Professionals

EpicCare Link updates

During our transition to our new referral platform, EpicCare Link, we encountered some technical difficulties that we are working hard to resolve. We apologize for the confusion and difficulties you may have faced in your attempt to refer to SickKids. Your ability to refer patients to SickKids is a top priority.

For support with making a referral, please call 1-866-883-8289 or 416-813-8289

If the referral is urgent or emergent, please call SickKids hospital locating at 416-813-1500 and ask to speak to the appropriate service.  On weekends and after 6pm on weekdays, please contact the Fellow on call via SickKids locating at 416-813-1500.   

Below you will find a list of what we are doing to improve the referral experience.

Improvements: This will be updated regularly to include the changes we have recently made to improve the system and address issues that have been reported. Check back regularly to see what has been fixed.

Recent Improvements

As of October 17, 2018 we have made the following improvements:

Internet Explorer v11 (IE11)

  • You are now able to launch EpicCare Link in IE11.
  • Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers also support EpicCare Link

Create New Chart

  • If you are unable to find your patient in EpicCare Link you need to “Create a New Chart” to proceed with ordering the referral. The following fields are now mandatory so that we can capture all the information we need to successfully process the referral.
    • Name (Last, First)
    • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
    • Sex
    • Address
    • City
    • Province
    • Postal Code
    • Country
    • Phone Contact #
    • Alternate Contact #

Previous Improvements

Added ability to enter Ontario Health Card Number for new patients

  • When creating a New Patient Chart, users are able to add the Ontario Health Card number for new patients under Billing Info. This will be available to the clinical team when triaging the referral and when the patient arrives at SickKids.
  • For instructions on how to do this, log into EpicCare Link through eCHN and refer to the Quick Links on the EpicCare Link homepage.

Delegate access to Providers In Basket Messages

  • Providers are able to give access to their In Basket messages to their Delegates with an active EpicCare Link account.
  • For instructions on how to do this, log into EpicCare Link through eCHN and refer to the Quick Links on the EpicCare Link homepage.

Search for Patients using the Health Card Number

You are now able to search for a patient using one of the following criteria

  1. Name AND Date of Birth, or
  2. Ontario Health Card Number, or
  3. SickKids Medical Record Number (MRN)

New In Basket Email Notification

  • We have revised the frequency of email notifications that you’ll receive when you have a new or unread In Basket messages in EpicCare Link. Instead of everyday, you will now receive a notification every 7 days if you have not read the In Basket message.
  • We have revised the content of the email notification so that it more clearly describes the action you are required to take.

Epic Care Link Accounts

  • We continue to activate EpicCare Link accounts daily. You will receive an email from SickKids notifying you that your account has been activated. The email includes a troubleshooting guide and training guide that provide detailed, step-by-step instructions to help you get going and navigate through the application. We strongly encourage you to keep the guide at your fingertips while you get comfortable with the new system.

Referrals submitted between June 2 & July 11 were dropping off from your patient list

  • We have updated the settings such that referrals remain on your patient list for 1 year.
  • We have restored referrals to your patient list.