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Our team

The IBD Centre with is led by three co-directors including Aleixo Muise (Translational Medicine), John Brumell (Basic Research) and Anne Griffiths (Clinical Research).

The IBD Centre executive will ensure accountability and transparency in managing allocation of resources, finances and overall centre operations. Membership of the executive includes representatives from administration, research, education and clinical care, including:

  • IBD Clinic Director and Data Management Director: Thomas Walters, Staff Gastroenterologist, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
  • Health Care Professional in the development/implementation of IBD educational programs: Karen Frost, Nurse Practitioner, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
  • Research Institute Representation: William Trimble, Head and Senior Scientist, Cell Biology, Research Institute
  • Molecular Medicine: John Parkinson, Senior Scientist, Molecular Medicine, Research Institute
  • Collaborators at University of Toronto affiliated hospitals: Hillary Steinhart, Head, Division of Gastroenterology, Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Child Health Evaluative Sciences: Martin Offringa, Staff Neonatologist, Neonatology; Head and Senior Scientist, Child Health Evaluative Sciences, Research Institute
  • General Surgery: Jack Langer, Division Head, General Surgery
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Mary-Louise Greer, Staff radiologist, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Shinya Ito, Division Head, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology; Senior Scientist, Translational Medicine, Research Institute
  • Melody Hicks, Director, Ambulatory Care, Clinical Health Services
  • Adolescent Medicine: Miriam Kaufman, Division Head, Adolescent Medicine
  • Nutrition: Marialena Mouzaki, Staff Gastroenterologist, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition