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The SickKids IBD team is very excited to introduce to you the first-ever SickKids Mobile Application (App), myIBD.


myIBD will serve two main purposes:

  • Firstly, myIBD can be used to monitor disease activity in real time. This allows our young patients to take control of their symptom reporting by regularly recording their symptoms. Taking an active role will greatly improve the quality of their symptom reporting at the time of their scheduled IBD clinic visits. For young patients to start assuming this responsibility is but one of the targets set in our ‘Good2Go’ program which has clearly defined goals for our young patients to achieve at specific age points. Thus, this program aims to prepare them for the transition to adult services by the end of secondary school, but now with the help of modern technology.
  • Secondly, it will provide educational videos for patients and families to watch at any time by streaming the educational videos on their iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. These can also be accessed via the IBD Academy link in myIBD.  The aim of the video content is to give patients and their families the opportunity to preview some of the information they will receive, using their hand held devices. Thus, the actual meeting with the health professional can be more focused on answering personal questions. It will also allow patients and their families to review some of the information at a later date.

myIBD is available for FREE in the AppStore and is now available in Android Marketplace.