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Image Guided Therapy
Image Guided Therapy

Medical Radiation Technologists (MRT) II

The MRT is a specialized, dedicated and very important role within the multidisciplinary team in IGT. The main role of the MRT is to optimize the imaging during each procedure, while following ALARA principles (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) to keep radiation dose low. This ensures that procedures are done efficiently with minimal impact on radiation dose to each patient. The MRT is expected to efficiently run the Fluoroscopic and Ultrasound equipment during all procedures.

In IGT, the radiologists rely on the MRT’s to know what imaging protocols are best for each procedure. Sometimes a given procedure may require a unique application such as rotational angiography, needle guidance or image fusion. These special applications allow the radiologist to better visualize the areas of interest, optimize the time spent doing the procedure and ensure the success of the procedure. The MRT and radiologist usually discuss these procedures ahead of time to allow for procedure planning and proper set up.

The radiologists also rely on the MRT's knowledge about the available inventory equipment necessary for each procedure such as wires, catheters, and needles.

As part of the team, the MRT also helps the flow in each room by ensuring necessary equipment and tools are in place before the start of each case. Gastrostomy tubes have also become a role for IGT MRT'd. Under the guidance and training of interventional radiologists, technologists are now successfully re-inserting, checking and changing g-tubes to help decrease wait times.

Beyond having a specialty role in the team, the MRT assists the nurses, anesthesiologist, and other team members to minimize time delays and to keep procedures running as smoothly as possible.

All medical radiation technologists working at The Hospital for Sick Children are required to be in good standing with the College of Medical Radiation Technologists of Ontario, which ensures MRTs have met the standards of profession for safe practice.   

Circulation/Scrub person

The role of circulating and scrub person may be assumed by MRTs and nurses alike. This role includes include establishing, monitoring and maintaining a sterile field in the procedure room, as well as setting up the procedure rooms and ensuring that the necessary procedural supplies are available. The IGT circulating person sets up for the cases and ensures all the supplies needed are available and within expiration date. The IGT scrub person scrubs in to assist in surgical prep as well as assist the radiologist throughout the procedure.

Selected Technologists

Selected technologists run daily operations in IGT, "board runner". The role of these technologists is to coordinate the running of daily procedures, to take the lead in making sure there is a smooth flow of patients through the area while minimizing delays and turnaround times.

The role also encompasses making sure X-ray equipment and all equipment needed for procedures is in perfect working order. Selected technologists manage, maintain and order inventory for IGT procedures.

Selected technologists play a lead role as “super trainers” of new equipment, to ensure the entire team is familiar with new technologies as they are introduced to the IGT suites.