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Image Guided Therapy
Image Guided Therapy

Fellows and Students

IGT Fellows Research:

To complement their clinical training IGT Fellows are required to conduct their own original research project, pertinent to paediatric interventional radiology under the supervision of an IGT staff Investigator. Fellows receive guidance and mentorship for their research project from their Investigators and the IGT CRA. Prospective fellowship candidates must contact the CRA (Simal Goman) about research requirements prior to starting their fellowship. Completion of a manuscript is a prerequisite to obtain a certificate of fellowship from the University of Toronto.

IGT Student Program:

IGT has developed a structured student program, hosting students as clinical researchers or clinical observers. Students receive mentorship and guidance throughout their time in IGT to maximize their understanding of paediatric interventional radiology and to produce high quality research.

During the summer, IGT encourages and seeks out highly motivated medical, undergraduate or graduate students from a variety of programs, universities and colleges to volunteer their time to conduct a clinical research project. IGT research students gain experience in project development, data collection and analysis, and manuscript drafting; students who complete their project often have their manuscript accepted for publication by a peer reviewed medical journal.

If you are a dedicated student looking for research experience, please contact IGT's CRA ( Simal Goman) about volunteering to research in IGT.

Training Resources:

The course below is a prerequisite course that must be completed prior to involvement.

Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2) Course on Research Ethics (CORE): https://tcps2core.ca/welcome

There are also additional training modules that must be completed at SickKids. These are internal modules which you will gain access to when you begin.