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Image Guided Therapy



IGT Clinic

Appointment and Procedure

After the Procedure

General Information 

Where is IGT located?

IGT is located on the second floor in the Atrium of SickKids.

IGT is best accessed using the Elizabeth Street entrance, using the glass elevators on the main floor in the Atrium, located by the Starbucks. Take the elevators to the second floor and follow the signs that direct you to a door with IGT on it. 

For information on how to get to SickKids, either by car or public transit, visit the Getting to SickKids page.

For parking information around SickKids, visit the Parking page. 

Does SickKids have Internet?

Yes, Sickkids does offer free wireless Internet access in certain areas of the hospital. To access, join the network “SickKidsGUEST” and the password is beourguest.

There are also computers with Internet access available for use, free of charge, in the Family Centre. The Family Centre is located on the main floor of the Black Wing, across from Shoppers Drug Mart, at the end of Main Street, closer to the University entrance.

Is there a daycare for my other children to wait?

Sickkids has a Play Park that provides a safe space for siblings to wait. The Play Park is a free childcare service and welcomes any children over the age of 2 ½ years. For more information click here

If we require accommodation, can we stay in the hospital?

If your child has been admitted into the hospital overnight, there is a bed in the room for a parent or legal guardian to use. In any other cases where accommodation is needed, you can get information about nearby accommodations here. 

For other general inquiries about visiting SickKids, click here.

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IGT Clinic Information 

Where is the IGT Clinic?

The IGT Clinic is located inside IGT, which is on the second floor in the Atrium of SickKids. For directions to IGT, click here.

How long will my IGT clinic appointment be?

Most clinic appointment times are scheduled for an hour, however the length of the actual appointment will vary (it could finish early or run late). It is important to remember that the clinic offers an unhurried environment so that information can be provided and questions answered.

Does my child need to come to the clinic appointment?

Yes, both the patient and the parent/legal guardian must come to the clinic appointment. The clinic nurse will provide procedure information and assess the patient. It is also a good opportunity, especially for younger children, to experience the environment before the procedure day.

My procedure hasn't been scheduled yet, will it be scheduled on the day of my clinic appointment?

In some instances, it is important to have a consult before a procedure date is scheduled to ensure that all required assessments are completed. If everything is in order after the consultation and the procedure is to go ahead, you will be notified of your procedure date at a future time. 

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Appointment and Procedure Information 

When your appointment is booked, you will get a call indicating your appointment date and time. It is important that you come to your appointment on time and follow any pre-procedure instructions you have been given (i.e. fasting instructions, NPO guidelines, for patients requiring a general anaesthetic or nurse sedation), otherwise there is a possibility your appointment might be delayed or rescheduled.

Wait Times

It is important that you come to your scheduled appointment on time. We do our best to keep your appointment time; however, depending on patient flow, sometimes appointments are delayed. It is also important to know that urgent cases will have a priority over scheduled cases. This means if an emergency case does occur, your appointment will either be delayed or rescheduled.

What to do if your need to cancel/reschedule your appointment?

If need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason, please contact IGT’s booking coordinator as soon as possible. You can contact the booking coordinator at 416-813-6054, option 3.

If I need to reschedule my child's appointment, how long is the wait time?

We encourage families to keep the appointment times they have been scheduled for, unless rescheduling is absolutely necessary. Please know that we cannot guarantee another appointment right away and wait times for a new appointment will vary. We will do our best to book you into the next available time we have that works for you, however IGT is a busy and high demand service. 

What do I bring on the day of the procedure?

On the day of the procedure, the only thing you need to remember to bring is the patient's health card. It is also important that a parent or legal guardian accompanies the child if consent has not been already obtained.

Will my child have to stay overnight at SickKids?

Some children are required to stay overnight at SickKids. This decision will depend on things like the type of procedure, the patient's overall health, and much more. If an overnight stay is required, you will be notified ahead of time.    

What is the difference between GA, LA and nurse sedation?

General anaesthesia is a combination of medications that help the patient fall into a deep sleep. The patient will not feel nor remember their procedure. Please ensure you follow the fasting guidelines called NPO guidelines if your child requires general anaesthesia.

Other useful links: Explaining anaesthesia,   Visiting your child in the Post Anesthetic Care Unit (PACU),   Post-Op/Post-Anesthetic Care: Caring for your Child at Home

  • Local anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia is a freezing or numbing agent applied to a specific part of the body. It can be administered through a needle injection, ointment or spray. Patients can receive a local anaesthetic while they are awake, sedated or asleep under a general anaesthetic to help reduce the pain.  

Sedation is a type of medication used to help the patient relax, stay calm and prevent movement. Sometimes the medication may make the patients sleepy or actually fall asleep. Please ensure you follow the fasting guidelines called NPO guidelines if your child requires nurse sedation.

Other useful link: Sedation: Caring for your Child at Home

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After the Procedure 

If you have any concerns after hours, on the weekends or in an EMERGENCY, please go to the closest Emergency Department for assistance. 

What is I have a question or concern during work hours?

If you have a question or concern during work hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) please contact us. For inquires regarding a G/GJ-Tube, please contact the G-Tube Team. For all other inquiries, please contact IGT. 

I need another copy of my After Procedure Care instructions, what do I do?

If you require another copy of the After Procedure Care instructions, click here. You can search for your procedure in those listed, and find the After Procedure Care instructions under the procedure name. 

If your After Procedure Care instructions are not available, please feel free to contact us

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