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International Patient Program
International Patient Program

Physician Referral and Medical Information

The child's referring doctor in the home country must complete the SickKids International Patient referral/application form. The referring doctor must complete sections G-K in full and in English, including patient information (full name, date of birth) and presenting problem or diagnosis (if known). In addition the following must also be included:

  • A complete medical history of the patient;
  • A list of current medications;
  • Copies of any medical notes (within the last six months);
  • Copies of the patient's recent laboratory and other test results, and imaging CDs.
  • If the patient has a heart condition and you are requesting treatment at SickKids, our cardiologists (heart specialists) need to review a copy of a recent moving echocardiogram (ECHO). Please ask that your doctor include a CD of the moving ECHO for review. Cardiac cases will not be reviewed without a moving echocardiogram.

The SickKids medical team may request additional medical information to help decide whether your child is eligible for treatment at SickKids.

All medical information forwarded to SickKids must be translated into English by a medical translator. Applications with documents in a language other than English, or which have not been translated by a medical translator, will not be reviewed by the SickKids expert team. The International Patient Program office will not proceed with processing the application until the properly translated documents are received.