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International Patient Program
International Patient Program

IPP Services

Through the International Patient Program (IPP), SickKids will accept referrals for children from around the world who are unable to access the specialized medical or surgical care in their home country or region that can be offered by experts at SickKids.

International patients and families can access SickKids expertise through the following: (anchor links for numbered list below):

  1. Medical and/or Surgical Care
  2. Medical Second Opinion
  3. Telehealth Consultation

Medical and Surgical Treatment

SickKids is one of the world's largest and most respected paediatric academic health sciences centres, offering comprehensive services across a wide range of clinical specialties. More than 50 different specialty services are offered at SickKids. If you are looking for a specific specialty, you may find it here.  Please keep in mind that although SickKids may have a specialty you are seeking, eligibility criteria for international patients always apply.

Please complete a referral form to refer a child to SickKids.

Medical Second Opinion (including Radiology Review)

SickKids can offer a medical second opinion to support physicians abroad in validating diagnostic findings, pathology or radiologic studies outcomes, and/or advising on treatment options and plans based on diagnostic findings.

The IPP office processes all requests for a medical second opinion and ensures that the SickKids expert can review the information and provide a written report. Medical second opinion fees may vary depending on the amount work required by our medical teams, starting at a minimum fee of $668 USD. The fee amount will be communicated to you prior to medical team review.

A medical second opinion can also be provided via videoconference, which allows for direct face-to-face discussion between the SickKids expert(s) and the requesting medical team. The fee for a videoconference discussion will be communicated to you prior to booking the appointment.

Please note the following:
If you are requesting a medical second opinion on findings from diagnostic imaging, a copy of the images must be sent to SickKids, either electronically as a DiCom file or as a CD.

If you are requesting a medical second opinion on findings from pathology, all original pathology slides and reports, block or 10 unstained slides from a representative block, must be sent to SickKids.

To request a medical second opinion, please complete a referral form.

Telehealth Consultation
SickKids is able to offer medical and surgical consultations via videoconference, which allows for direct face-to-face discussion between SickKids clinical experts and the requesting medical team abroad. This consultation may include review and consultation on cases that are complex, rare or have failed a first course of treatment.

Telehealth consultation can include:

  • Medical/surgical consultation;
  • Pre-screening patients prior to their travel to SickKids for treatment;
  • Web follow-up clinic appointments after treatment at SickKids;
  • Tele-radiology review.

Telehealth consultation may also include the patient and his/her family when appropriate. More detailed information is available about Telemedicine at SickKids.

To request a Telehealth consultation, please complete a referral form.