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Industry Partnerships and Commercialization
Industry Partnerships and Commercialization



Q. How do I report an invention?

A.  By submitting a fully executed invention disclosure form to our office.

Q. If I have already disclosed my idea, is it too late to submit an invention disclosure form?

A. Not necessarily. We encourage you to disclose your invention to our office as soon as possible for an initial commercial assessment and to receive advice on how to proceed.

Q. If I have already presented my work, can I still file for a patent application?

A: It depends on what has been disclosed publicly and whether the date of the presentation is more than a year ago.  You can still file for patent protection in Canada and the United States if the presentation was made less than a year ago.

Q. What benefits are there for inventors if commercialization is successful?

A.  In accordance with the SickKids IP Policy, inventors receive a percentage of licensing income issued to the Hospital, and their invention is made available for public use. 

Q.  What circumstances require preparation of a confidentiality agreement?

A. You should contact the CV team to prepare a confidentiality agreement:

  • When contacting or contacted by external parties for the exchange of information or ideas
  • When in contact with industry, this includes conversations, meetings, presentations and any form of communication where confidential information is exchanged

Q. How do I conduct a Patent Search?

You can find out how to conduct a Patent Search by viewing our guidelines.


Q. Are all technologies produced solely for paediatric use?

A. No. We are a children’s hospital however, we do not disregard inventions created by our staff that can be applied for general use.

Q. Where can I find information on technologies available for licensing?

A. The Flintbox database in the licensing opportunities section of our website lists of all technologies available for licensing categorized by specialty/division.

Q. I am a representative from a company interested in partnering with SickKids but I would like more information. Who should I contact?

A.  Namrata Barai is the contact for all industry related questions or concerns.