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Industry Partnerships and Commercialization
Industry Partnerships and Commercialization


IP&C News

Research innovations take top spot in survey

Anny Song wins Research Institute award

SickKids Corporate Ventures becomes Industry Partnerships and Commercialization (IP&C)

Success stories

OtoSim Night revolutionizes how students learn to identify ear pathologies

New license agreement means surgeons may soon 'see around corners' 

Making a global impact: New SickKids company shares clinical expertise and innovations - BCS Clinical Systems

New mobile app helps give neonatologists the full picture - TnECHO mobile app. Watch the TnECHO CBC news coverage

MaRS Innovation and SickKids paves the way for innovative drug development partnership in China - Read our front-page Globe and Mail story!

Healing the world one scar at a time - SickKids researcher awarded grant for research on the prevention and reduction of scarring

SickKids researchers take shape - A SickKids doctor licenses methodology for infant head reshaping

Industry news

Canadian Manufacturers Provide Technology for Innovation

GlaxoSmithKline recognizes innovative talent at SickKids - SickKids researchers highlight innovations in one on one meetings with GSK.

BLG sponsors food for thought - Lunch and learn session lets researchers and professionals in on the patent process

Calling all researchers working with novel antibodies - Médimabs, a company focused on antibodies based in Montreal, is actively seeking opportunities to partner with academic researchers.