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Industry Partnerships and Commercialization
Industry Partnerships and Commercialization

Partnering opportunities

Flintbox is a global intellectual property exchange that provides online access to early-stage research and patented technologies. It provides industry, researchers and technology transfer offices the opportunity to exchange intellectual property, build relationships and collaborate. Flintbox was developed by the UBC Research Enterprises (UBC-RE), a not-for-profit company owned by the University of British Columbia.

SickKids Corporate Ventures has a wide range early stage and developed technologies profiled on Flintbox. You can find SickKids technologies two ways:

  1. Visit the Flintbox website and use the key words “SickKids” or “The Hospital for Sick Children” to search for SickKids technologies
  2. Refer to our list of available technologies, organized by category, on the left navigation bar of this page. Brief overviews of SickKids technologies link to complete descriptions on the Flintbox site.