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Industry Partnerships and Commercialization
Industry Partnerships and Commercialization

Disclosing your invention to IP&C


The purpose of the invention disclosure form is to organize your ideas, discoveries or inventions in a structured format.  The form safeguards your invention and is the first step IP&C takes to protect your ideas. The form is used to become familiar with your invention and is proof of the invention discovery date. 

All information disclosed to our office remains confidential and is only shared with the IP&C team on a working basis. Client confidentiality is our priority and it is consistently maintained and monitored. It is essential to ensure all of the information provided in the form is complete and accurate as the form will be referred to if there are any discrepancies during the commercialization process.

Please fill out  the invention disclosure form

Send completed forms to:

Monique Patrick
Intellectual Property Assistant
Industry Partnerships & Commercialization Office
525 University Avenue, Suite 1030