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Industry Partnerships and Commercialization
Industry Partnerships and Commercialization

Funding Opportunities

Genomics Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) - GAPP will support academic-user partnership projects that Address key challenges or opportunities defined by users using a genomics-derived solution; are likely to provide significant socio-economic benefit to Canada; are proof-of-concept, validation or product/tool development projects; demonstrate a significant commercial market potential for the product, tool or process to be developed, or other measurable impact; have direct or indirect impacts on human health as well as other sectors of economic importance to Canada.

CIHR Proof of Principle (POP) - Provides funding for proof of principle research projects up to 12 months in length. The projects must be designed to advance discoveries or inventions towards technologies with high commercialization potential, with a view to attract new investment, create new science-based businesses, organizations and initiatives, and ultimately improve health outcomes for Canadians. 

Quebec/Ontario CQDM funding program CQDM is seeking collaborative research proposals on the development of novel and potentially transformative enabling technologies or tools for biopharmaceutical research. The program is open to all researchers from academic institutions or private organisations (SMEs) based in Ontario or Quebec and must include a strong collaboration between at least one research entity based in Quebec and one research entity based in Ontario. The project contribution from Quebec and Ontario should be comparable (in terms of resources, budget and/or impact). 

CIHR Industry-partnered Collaborative Research Operating Grant - Provides funding for collaborative research projects involving the academic community and Canadian industry partners sharing an interest in health research and development.

MITACS - Funding available to hold networking events between industry and scientists.