Industry Partnerships and Commercialization
Industry Partnerships and Commercialization

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Welcome to IP&C!

Previously known as Corporate Ventures, Industry Partnerships & Commercialization assists and supports SickKids staff with the assessment, research and implementation phases of the commercialization process. Formed under the original Corporate Ventures name in 2006, IP&C  acts as a liaison for SickKids scientists, physicians, and staff and industry partners and guides the innovation of ideas created by SickKids physicians, scientists and professionals from mind into marketable matter. 

The goal of IP&C is to enhance the overall public, social and economic quality of life through research innovation. The IP&C team is dedicated to protecting intellectual property and identifying potential commercialization options to ensure they have the broadest impact possible.

The transformation of an idea into marketable matter is a complex process, so let us help make your ideas a reality.

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