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Immunology and Allergy
Immunology and Allergy

Education and learning

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Dr. Vy Kim  was appointed the Paediatric Clinical Immunology & Allergy Residency Program Director effective July 2017 while Dr. Chaim Roifman continues to be the Paediatric Clinical Immunology and Allergy Fellowship Director. 

The goal of this program at The Hospital for Sick Children is to generate sub-specialists in Paediatric Immunology and Allergy, who will provide the medical community with expert consultation. This two-year program, attracts trainees from around the world and exceeds the essential clinical and laboratory elements that permit outstanding immunology and allergy training. The program provides individual training, with flexibility to accommodate resident's interests and career goals by presenting opportunities for focusing on immunology, allergy, academia, or community practice. Clinically, the program offers extensive in-patient and outpatient learning experiences through efficiently structured rotations, rounds, and clinics that are embedded with well-organized academic content. There is  extensive exposure to diagnosis and management of primary immunodeficiencies with a high level of case diversity, with strong links with the adult immunology/allergy training program at St. Michael's Hospital. The program is committed to the incorporation of research training into the program. The faculty of immunology and allergy at SickKids are committed to guide residents through all aspects of research. A mandatory research project, along with directions on proposal and grant applications, encourage the participation of residents in tangible publications. The accommodating staff provide diverse patient population, availability of cutting edge resources and an office with personal working space,  provides the fellow residents with an excellent learning environment.

These are some of the Fellowships we have had in the past:

1. Bayer Complimentary Fellowship in Immunology

This innovative program in partnership with the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) encourages today's clinicians to train as scientists in the field of immunodeficiency and novel immune therapies. Currently, there is an increase in demand for the number of expert physicians in allergy and clinical immunology. The Bayer Program aids in this endeavor, by heightening the contributions of Canada in the future care and research of clinical immunology and allergy.


2. Aventis Fellowship in Clinical and Basic Immunology

The Aventis Fellowship in Immunology is a one-year research fellowship, which enhances the exposure of Immunology recruits to applied or basic research, in order to attain the skills needed to pursue an academic career in clinical immunology. Only candidates who have competed two years of basic training in an accredited Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons program in Canada are eligible. With only 20 per cent clinical activities, fellows obtain the necessary time to focus on an immunological based research project of their choice, whereby they will be assisted and trained in a multitude of modern techniques in science, and guided in the preparation, design and implementation of scientific experiments. Thus, the Aventis Fellowship fulfills a critical requirement for a third year of training which focuses on scholar activities, emphasizing the importance of the bench aspect of a clinician-scientist.

3. The Hospital for Sick Children - Tel Aviv University (SickKids-TAU) Exchange Program Fellowship

With a relatively high prevalence rate of Primary Immunodeficiencies in Israel (approximately five in 100,000 inhabitants), this alliance between SickKids and TAU is a vital component in the education sector of the International Center for Primary Immunodeficiencies. This union assists in the training of young physicians and scientists in the filed of immune disorders via facilitating the transfer of knowledge and expertise between SickKids and TAU. It correspondingly promotes research collaborations between SickKids and TAU to foster global innovation in immunobiology for the benefit of mankind.