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Infectious Diseases

Subspecialty Residency and Clinical Fellowship Program

Subspecialty Residency Program

Our program is designed to meet all Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) requirements for subspecialty training in Paediatric Infectious Diseases. This includes 11 blocks of Paediatric ID consult service (divided between the general ID and the immuncompromised ID consult services), 2 blocks of adult ID consult service, 1 block of infection control and antibiotic stewardship, 1 block of virology, 2 blocks of bacteriology/mycology, 2 blocks of advanced microbiology (that includes time to work on a microbiology-based scholarly project), 1 block at the provincial health lab (to include parasitology, tuberculosis, HIV, and serology), and 6 elective blocks.

The trainees also attend a half-day clinic per week. In first year this longitudinal clinic experience includes experiences in the congenital infection clinic, CF clinic, HIV clinic, tuberculosis clinic, and general ID clinic. In their 2nd year, trainees attend their own individual continuity clinic.

There is a structured formal paediatric ID academic curriculum that includes on average four hours of protected teaching per week. In addition to strong teaching while on the microbiology rotations, a structured year-long plate rounds series also occurs. Other formal teaching includes the week-long annual National ID fellows’ retreat for which all of our fellows are given protected time to attend.

To apply to the Division of Infectious Diseases Subspecialty Residency Program please refer to the following website for eligibility criteria and application process.

Clinical Fellowship Program (International Fellowship Applicants)

In addition to the RCPSC stream of our training program, we offer a two-year clinical fellowship for international trainees who plan to further develop the field of paediatric infectious diseases upon return to their home countries. The rotations and curriculum for this two year fellowship program are similar to what is described above for the RCPSC subspecialty residency program. Funding support generally involves sponsorship from the applicant’s home institution or government; however, there are also limited locally funded positions that require in-house general paediatric call as a service component.

The deadline to apply to the program is March 1 for the start of fellowship the following year July 1 (i.e. 16 months in advance). 

To apply to our clinical fellowship form please click the following link: Clinical Fellowship Application