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Learning Disabilities Research Program

Empower™ Reading

Taking a scientific approach to reading

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is deeply committed to improving the health of all children through the integration of care, education, and research. SickKids seeks to promote the health and well-being of children and families, and actively addresses important health promotion issues such as illiteracy.  

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 For over 30 years, the Learning Disabilities Research Program (LDRP) at SickKids has worked to better understand the core learning problems of children and adolescents with severe reading disabilities. Our understanding is based on the experience of teaching and evaluating the progress of more than 3,000 struggling readers who have received focused, systematic remediation in small groups in our research and community classrooms.

All of the LDRP’s work has been conducted according to rigorous scientific guidelines. Based on intensive research and findings, we have developed Empower™ Reading. This reading remediation program is the result of everything we have learned from a series of remediation studies initiated in 1980, and includes what we have found to yield the best long-term outcomes for struggling readers.

While Empower™ Reading was developed for struggling readers in the LDRP’s own laboratory classrooms, it is adaptable to the needs of all children struggling to learn to read. For more information about Empower™ Reading
please visit the Empower™ Reading site