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Learning Disabilities Research Program

LDRP programs

The LDRP’s vision has been and continues to be to research, develop, and commercialize a comprehensive set of reading programs which address the reading needs of children and young adults in a variety of environments, ranging from primary small group remedial instruction to adult education. 

A number of components of the LDRP’s Reading Programs are currently in the research phase which we refer to as PHAST. Some of these components have been or are being developed to be published on a stand-alone basis. The components of PHAST which have attained our very high standards for broad-based commercial release carry the commercial brand name Empower™ Reading. 

The first component of the LDRP Reading Programs which carries the Empower™ Reading brand is aimed at small groups of struggling readers in Grades 2 to 5. This program, called Empower™ Reading: Decoding and Spelling, Grades 2-5, was introduced to local school boards in 2006.  In 2009, Empower™ Reading: High School was released. This program, based on our PHAST PACES program for struggling readers in high school, is designed to address decoding, word identification, spelling and reading comprehension skills. 

In September 2013, two new programs were made available for purchase: (i) Empower™ Reading: Decoding and Spelling, Grades 6-8 intended for middle school students who struggle with decoding, word identification and spelling, and (ii) Empower™ Reading: Comprehension and Vocabulary, Grades 2-5, developed for primary grade students who can read text but have difficulties understanding what they read.

We note that the commercial roll-out of our programs does not mean an end to further research and development; particularly at the early commercial prototype stages. All feedback from our partners is carefully considered and incorporated into our ongoing PHAST research and revised versions of Empower™ Reading.

For full details, visit the Empower™ Reading website.