About the Learning Institute

Message from the Chief

Sue Tallett, Chief of Education, SickKids Learning Institute

Science produces new knowledge at an exponential rate. More and more, patients suffer complex conditions that require the expertise and management of multiple healthcare providers. Patients deserve, and caregivers want to provide, care based on today’s knowledge. We need to develop innovative ways of bringing new knowledge to practitioners and teams so that they may, in turn, provide the best care for sick children.

As an academic health sciences centre, education and innovation are hallmarks of SickKids, and not only in clinical care and research. Learning is going on everywhere – from nursing and medicine, to the chaplaincy and biomedical engineering.

Here at SickKids, learning is a vast enterprise. It includes the formal training of the next generation of child health providers and researchers - people who will develop new treatments that make lives better, healthier and longer. It also includes the professional development of clinical and administrative staff, and the education of parents and families.

Across this rich and diverse community, the Learning Institute supports improvement and innovation in the way we learn together. By building an infrastructure to extend and share our learning resources, the Learning Institute will create a state-of-the-art environment to optimize learning and promote effective, efficient practice. We want to make sure that important new learning is applied in the care of children.

That is what is behind the Learning Institute’s very broad mandate. The Learning Institute embraces all education endeavours, connects people and looks for ways to help them provide the best possible care for children.

To those of us who love education, the development of the Learning Institute is a dream come true.

Susan Tallett
Chief of Education