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Education Research
Education Research

Education Research

About the Program

The Education Research Program strives to advance our understanding of how healthcare professionals, from novice to expert, develop and maintain the skills necessary for their practice.

Knowing how we learn:  Impacting what we do

Among various research initiatives, the program has three main priorities:

1) To expand models of expert development and practice in order to inform the ways in which we understand and ultimately enhance learning. This work includes investigating the processes that underpin innovation, learning transfer and team learning.  

2) To study factors influencing the acquisition of clinical skills and how educational technologies influence retention, maintenance and transfer of clinical skills.

3) To develop a strategy that relies on various methodologies and technologies to detect and target gaps in skills, knowledge, attitude or systems within SickKids thus improving quality of care and patient safety.

Role in Learning

The Education Research Program is focused on fostering excellence in health professional education through collaborative, interdisciplinary programs of research. Using methodologies and theories from disciplines including education, psychology and the humanities, the Education Research team strives to ensure that learning bridges the link between research, practice and improved patient care.

The Education Researchers also offer educational research consulting to the SickKids community.


Hosted 6 Research Fellows through the Learning Institute Fellowship in Education last year

Key Contacts

Catharine Walsh
Educational Researcher
Learning Institute
Phone: (416) 813-7654 ext. 309432
Email: catharine.walsh@sickkids.ca