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About the Learning Institute

Evaluation Program

The goal of the Evaluation and Assessment Program is to support education program planning and implementation, assess outcomes, demonstrate effectiveness and inform strategic decision making.  These goals can be accomplished by building evaluation capacity, creating inter-departmental partnerships, integrating evaluation practices and establishing evaluation tools and frameworks that are relevant across SickKids.

Role in Learning

The Evaluation Specialist at the Learning Institute provides support to staff, educators, clinicians, researchers and leaders with support to establish a tailored education evaluation design and plan rooted in credible evaluation frameworks and methodologies by providing the following services:

    • Consultation:  Assist staff in conceptualizing an evaluation plan for their education programs1  that best suits the nature of the program, its stage of maturity and the contextual factors interacting to influence program implementation.
    • Capacity Building:  Conduct workshops to help staff develop the knowledge, skills and perspectives to engage in evaluative thinking and practices.
    • Data Collection and Analysis:  Support staff in the development of data collection tools, focus groups and interview guides, as well as provide recommendations on data analysis methodologies.
    • Facilitation:  Facilitates workshops to supports groups in developing logic models and theory of change models for their education programs.
1 The term program is used in a generic sense and could refer to an intervention, project, policy or service