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About the Learning Institute

Learning Institute Training Experience Program

Learning Institute Electives, Certificates and Fellowships

The Learning Institute at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) offers training experiences including electives, certificates and fellowships in health professions education that are open to an interdisciplinary audience (e.g. physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and other health-care professionals). These opportunities are project-based, allowing learners to focus on topics that are important to their work and/or educational interests, and are intended to facilitate the development of the skills and expertise to engage in research or scholarship in ​​education. There are two main areas of focus:

    1. ​Health professions education research
    2. Simulation​​


The Learning Institute elective opportunities can take place over a period of 2 to 12 weeks and can be continuous or longitudinal (e.g. days or weeks throughout the year adding up to the equivalent of up to 12 weeks). Research electives are a minimum of four weeks. Elective time is typically dedicated to LITE activities, with the exception of on-call responsibilities where applicable. Those completing an elective may gain exposure to scholarly work.


The Learning Institute certificate opportunities in health professions education research or simulation offer a more in-depth experience in the area of focus. The certificate program is equivalent to a minimum of three (3) months (or longitudinal equivalent). Certificate time is typically dedicated primarily to LITE activities, but can be flexible based on required clinical, educational or other responsibilities. Those completing a certificate are expected to gain exposure, and potentially contribute, to scholarly work.


​The Learning Institute fellowship opportunities are a minimum of a one year duration dedicated to intensive experience in health professions education research or simulation. Fellows are expected to dedicate a minimum of 50 per cent of their time to LITE activities. Those completing a fellowship are expected to produce scholarly work.​

Eligibility Requirements

    • Applic​​ants do not need to be affiliated with SickKids.
    • ​The elective and certificate training opportunities are available to individuals who are interested in short-term exposure to health professions education research or simulation, including those who are not currently pursuing an academic program.
    • Th​e fellowship option is available only to individuals who are actively pursuing, or have completed, postgraduate training (Masters, PhD or equivalent) or a health professional degree or certification (e.g. Audiology, MD, Midwife, OT, Paramedic, PT, RN, SW, SLP, RRT).


There is no dedicated funding for the LITE Program. Health professional trainees are typically funded via their clinical programs. Other options include:

    • Self-fund​ed (e.g. external salary, volunteer)
    • Supervisor's operational funding
    • External scholarship​
    • Awards ​​

For more information about this opportunities, please click on the links below.

Health Professions Education


Application Process

To initiate the application process, please complete the LITE Program Declaration of Interest form and submit it to Kelly Warmington, Senior Manager, Learning Institute. A member of the LITE Program Committee will then contact you to discuss the formal application process. All applications will be reviewed by the LITE Program Committee.

Additional Information

For further information regarding one of the specific areas of focus, please contact:

​Health Professions Education Research

Catharine Walsh​  
Education Researcher
Learning Institute
The Hospital for Sick Children


Zia Bismilla  
Staff Paediatrician
Paediatric Medicine Division​
The Hospital for Sick Children