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Loansome Doc Factsheet: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/pubs/factsheets/loansome_doc.html

If you are using the PubMed interface to search MEDLINE®, you can use Loansome Doc to order copies of references that you find.

    • Mark the MEDLINE references you would like to order
    • Send your request to the Hospital Library (assuming you have registered for LoansomeDoc service)

See detailed instructions below for more information registering for the service.

To register for LoansomeDoc Service from The Hospital for Sick Children

(2 step registration process)

Register with the Hospital Library by completing the  SickKids Staff Registration Form

Register for Loansome Doc by going to https://docline.gov/loansome/login.cfm and clicking on 'Sign-Up'.

Completing the LoansomeDoc Registration Form

Complete Registration Form *first* (see links to form above)

The Loansome Doc Registration page stores the user's

    • complete name
    • address
    • telephone number
    • fax number
    • preferred method of delivery (Mail, Fax, Pickup, or Email)
    • the library identifier(s) for the library or libraries that will provide documents.

You will be asked to create your own LoanSome Doc Userid and password.

Please record this information for future reference. (You can use the same Userid and password for PubMed's My NCBI feature.)

Ordering Articles via Loansome Doc

Use LoanSome Doc to request articles from journals not available at the Hospital Library.

Outlined below are the steps involved in a Loansome Doc request starting with a PubMed search and ending with delivery of a copy of the requested document.

    • Perform a literature search using PubMed.
    • Click the check box to the left of the articles you want to order.
    • From PubMed, select "Order" in 'Send To' If you have saved items to the clipboard, click on 'Clipboard' to order just those items using 'Order' in 'Send To'.
    • Enter your UserID and Password.
    • Select 'Proceed to Delivery Options'
    • Review 'Delivery Instructions' and complete 'Order Details'
    • Review Copyright Compliance and click on box to left to accept.

Requesting a Status Report of your request

The PubMed user may request a status of Loansome Doc orders almost immediately after an order is sent. 

The Status Report consists of the request number, request date, the status of the order, status date, the full journal title, author(s), title of the article, a complete citation, and the PMID (PubMed ID number).

To check the status of an order: