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For School communities:

  • Educators: Often educators are the first identifiers of mental health issues in their students and they need education about psychosis and what supports are available if they detect that one of their students may be in need of help.
  • Students: The presentation increases student’s knowledge about psychosis and how it can affect young people. Students are informed about the help that is available in their community.

    For Academics:

    • Other researchers: Through this presentation, researchers can see a way to demonstrate research results in a more accessible way.
    • Health care service providers: This presentation is an artistic depiction of what their patients have gone through or may be at risk of experiencing.

    For the Arts Community:

    •  Choreographers and dancers: Boydell and her team were invited to present at a choreographer series. The choreographers and dancers were interested in seeing this new way of using their medium.

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