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For parents and children

Materials are essential to better inform parents about the impact of pain during routine childhood immunization. In collaboration with the Canadian Paediatric Society and Toronto Public Health, pamphlets for parents were developed and are available at doctor’s offices in the GTA and will eventually be available across Canada in doctors’ offices, schools and for mothers in maternity wards. These materials are available online and linked to sites that parents visit for credible information on vaccination such as Toronto Public Health, the Canadian Coalition on Immunization Awareness and Promotion and the Canadian Pain Society.  An educational video and information about pain management is also available online at aboutkidshealth.ca.

Next steps 

In the future, links to pain management information will be available on other sites such as Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Pain Society, among others.

For health-care professionals and policy makers

 Information about the impact of immunization and ways of minimizing pain are important to making the immunization process less stressful for the family and the health-care professional. To reach researchers, this information was published in academic journals to demonstrate the benefits associated with pain management during vaccination. For health-care professionals, a national clinical practice guideline was developed, along with clinician tools to facilitate adoption of the pain management recommendations.  

Next steps

The Canadian Paediatric Society has endorsed the guidelines and they will soon be available in pamphlet form and online by December 2010.  Presentations and workshops continue to take place nationwide as a way for health-care professionals and policy makers to learn more about pain management during immunization and discuss the benefits among their peers.

For the society at large

The sharing of material on-line, in print, and on television is intended to reach a larger audience. Media coverage of studies related to the effectiveness of pain management was quite successful with stories appearing in some major daily newspapers and on television news.

Next steps

There is a plan to produce and pitch public service announcements promoting pain management for immunizations to radio and television stations nationwide.  


The immediate goal of HELPinKIDS is to raise national and international awareness about the problem of inadequately treated pain during childhood immunization injections and provide solutions for this problem. Their ultimate goal is to change the face of immunization to one without pain.

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