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David Jaffray: More precise radiation therapy

David jaffrey profile

In 2002, David Jaffray joined Princess Margaret Hospital as head of Radiation Physics and senior scientist within the Ontario Cancer Institute. He holds the Fidani Chair in Radiation Therapy Physics and is a principal in the Image-guided Therapy Group of the University Health Network. Appointed as vice chair and associate professor in the Departments of Radiation Oncology and Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto, Dr. Jaffray holds numerous peer-reviewed and industry-sponsored research grants in the field of image-guided radiation therapy. He leads a team that focuses on the development of imaging systems that improve the precision of radiation therapy by generating images at the time of therapy that guide the treatment delivery.

Research Activities

The vast majority of work in Dr. Jaffray's laboratory focuses on the development of novel imaging systems and concepts to improve the precision of therapy by generating images at the time of therapy for the purpose of guiding the treatment delivery.

Moving Science to the Real World

SickKids strives to identify, promote and advocate for evidence-based solutions to address key child health issues in Canada.  A key strategic focus is how we can facilitate the rapid uptake of new knowledge and increase our impact. Knowledge translation focuses on ensuring that our science finds its way into the hands of people who can use it to improve health and well-being.  This typically includes a wide and diverse audience of families, health practitioners, decision makers, policy makers, industry, media, advocacy organizations, non-governmental organizations, and other researchers.  We are interested in how best to bridge this science to practice gap more efficiently and effectively, and we encourage our researchers to practice knowledge translation by sharing their research broadly so it can have a bigger and better impact on the world.  

This video is part of a series that features researchers who have excelled in their knowledge translation efforts.  We are highlighting Dr. Jaffray’s story here due to his success with commercialization. In sharing their stories, the researchers provide inspiration within SickKids and beyond, encouraging the development and study of new efforts to bring our research findings to the real world.

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David Jaffray