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Students and Academic Trainees


Learning how to work in teams is an important part of the culture in the care of children at SickKids. It is this collaborative, comprehensive approach to patient care that has earned the Hospital its reputation for excellence.

Interprofessional Education is a priority at SickKids, supporting the advancement and sustainability of interprofessional practice. Educating healthcare professionals together is essential at all stages of development from pre-licensure to continuing professional development.

In partnership with the University of Toronto’s Educating Health Professional for Interprofessional Collaboration Program (ehpic), the Learning Institute is developing accredited education activities and Interprofessional student placements that support the integration of interprofessional curricula into all academic health sciences program at the University of Toronto by 2009.

The Learning Institute’s Education Research Program aims to build capacity and awareness of interprofessional care and education in the community, instilling in the next generation of healthcare professionals the importance of effective collaboration and teamwork to the overall quality, efficiency and safety of paediatric care delivery.

New initiatives at SickKids stress collaborations across the traditional clinical areas to advance interprofessional practice and interprofessional education opportunities. Some of these have been formally designated as Centres:

Centre for Brain and Behaviour
The Centre for Brain & Behaviour explores the unknown of the human brain. The best and brightest minds from across the neurosciences and mental health disciplines come together with a unique collaborative approach to ensure that experts at the centre have the opportunity to explore, develop, and challenge ideas in research, education and clinical practice.

Labatt Family Heart Centre
The Labatt Family Heart Centre brings together significant interdisciplinary and interprofessional activities within Paediatric Cardiology, Cardiovascular (CV) Surgery, Cardiac Critical Care, Cardiovascular Research and Adult Congenital Heart Disease programs, to address the needs of patients and families from fetal life through to adulthood. The centre promotes these activities through seamless integration of research activities, academic performance and exemplary clinical care.

Centre for Cystic Fibrosis
State-of-the-art laboratory research in cystic fibrosis is linked to outstanding clinical research and clinical care in the rich collaborative environment of the CF centre. SickKids’ clinical program for CF is known as one of the leading care facilities in the world and has a well-established reputation for its excellence in multi-disciplinary care. The synchronization between laboratory, clinical research and clinical care places SickKids at the forefront for future CF therapy development and implementation in patients.

The Bone Health Centre
The Bone Health Centre features innovative treatments, mainly for disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The centre builds on the strengths of our internationally renowned research, our role as the lead centre for international clinical trials in children’s bone disorders and our reputation as the largest orthopaedic clinical training program in the world.

The Comprehensive Cancer Centre
The Division of Hematology/Oncology at SickKids is Canada’s largest paediatric oncology facility and SickKids has the only centre in Ontario that offers a full spectrum of treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants and palliative care. The cancer centre has more than 40 scientists involved in world-class cancer research and another 80 pursuing related clinical research projects. Scientists are working with genetics in the hopes of customizing treatment for each patient.

The Transplant Centre
The Transplant Centre focuses on strengthening the knowledge of caring for paediatric transplant patients. The centre encourages the sharing of its learnings and discoveries with other health-care professionals to strengthen the education regarding paediatric transplants.

Centre for Pain Management, Research and Education
Pain is one of the most common, debilitating and perplexing symptoms reported by individuals of all ages. Children state that pain is the worst aspect of hospitalization, and pain is something that requires improvement in terms of patient care. SickKids Centre for Pain Management, Research and Education strives to enhance children’s pain outcomes, professional and consumer education, collaborative research initiatives and local, national and international leadership.

This virtual grouping of the Departments of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, Nursing, Paediatrics, Surgery, Pharmacy, Psychology, Psychiatry, Child Life and Rehabilitation Services, and the Research Institute’s Child Health Evaluative Sciences and Neuroscience & Mental Health programs are advancing the vision of becoming the international paediatric centre in pain prevention and management.