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Marrow Failure and Myelodysplasia (Pre-leukemia) Program
Marrow Failure and Myeledysplasia (Pre-leukemia) Program

What we do

The Marrow Failure and Myelodysplasia (Pre-leukemia) Program is the first of its kind in Canada and probably the first clearly-defined program for these conditions in the world. The Program is a multi-disciplinary program and designed to integrate and apply the emerging science of blood cell formation and genetics to the clinical care of the patients and families. The Program provides unique opportunities for laboratory and clinical research and education of trainees from Canada and other countries to enhance their expertise in the field.

The primary objectives of the program are:
1. to meet the clinical needs of patients and families with acquired and inherited bone marrow failure and myelodysplastic (pre-leukemia) syndromes.
2. to advance laboratory and clinical research so that novel developments in understanding the biology of the diseases are translated into clinical practice.
3. to educate new physicians, researchers and other health care providers.

To achieve these objectives, the Program integrates an multidisciplinary clinical service that provides diagnostic procedures, cancer surveillance, treatment, genetic counseling, nursing support, social support and nutritional counseling. Updated information is given to families and physicians at the local, provincial and national level during visits to the clinic and at special organized conferences. Research studies are designed to address clinical and biological questions in the field.

1. Clinical

  • Developing standard-of-care guidelines for clinical management of the patients including diagnostic procedures, surveillance for complications and treatments.
  • Caring for a large population of patients with these disorders at SickKids
  • Counseling patients and families who are referred from other centers across Canada or abroad

2. Research

  • Identifying and studying the functional characteristics of genes and proteins associated with inherited bone marrow failure syndromes, myelodysplasia and leukemia
  • Studying the clinical characteristics, disease course and treatments of the disorders

3. Education

  • training new generation of researchers, physicians and other health care providers in the field of bone marrow failure and myelodysplasia
  • Coordinating educational initiatives for patients and families including an annual Marrow Failure and Myelodysplasia Patient and Family Conference.