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The Nephrology Division at SickKids conducts internationally recognized cutting-edge scientific and patient-oriented research. The overall goal of our research is the acquisition of new knowledge that will advance our understanding of kidney biology and the pathogenesis and treatment of renal disease.

The scientific faculty in our Division conducts research in the areas of renal physiology, cell biology, epithelial transport, renal growth and development, immunology and inflammation, acute renal failure, , molecular genetics, and polycystic kidney disease.. Research is supported by funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, National Institutes of Health, Heart and Stroke Foundation of  Canada,  Kidney Foundation of Canada, American Society of Nephrology and private contributions.


Staff Research

Dr. Lisa Robinson

Dr. Rulan Parekh

Dr. Christoph Licht

Dr. Mathieu Lemaire

Dr. Michael Zappitelli

Dr. Norman Rosenblum