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Awards 2005-2006

A randomized double-blind trial of add-on flunarizine to prevent the cognitive deterioration associated with infantile spasms.  Carmant L, Lassonde M, Dooley J, Ronen G, Amre D, Donner E, Wirrell E, Farrell K, Whiting S, Weiss SK. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($410,000 2003-06).

Are executive dysfunctions in autism reflected in altered coordination dynamics of brain activity?  Perez Velazquez JL.  Hospital for Sick Children Foundation & Canadian Institutes of Health Research, New Investigator Award ($129,000 2005-07).

Atypical absence epilepsy: GABA B receptor-mediated mechanisms.  Snead OC , Francis J, Cortez MA: Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($315,376 2000-08).

Atypical absence epilepsy: GABAB receptor mediated mechanisms.  Snead OC, Perez Velazquez JL.  Canadian Institutes of Health Research($726,430 2003-07).

Carnitine-responsive cardiomyopathy and the different-affinity carnitine transporters.  Tein  I. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario($267,144 2004-07).

Characterization of factors and mechanisms that explain the association between physical activity and lung health in cystic fibrosis: Does muscle function play a role? Ratjen F, Coates A, TeinI.Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Grant ($158,000 2006-08).

Characterization of patients with childhood autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy.  Vajsar J. The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation ($37,900 2000-05).

Childhood stroke project: Ontarioneeds assessment for childhood stroke.  deVeber G. Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care ($185,000 2005-2007).

Clinical trials for spinal muscular atrophy.  Iannaccone S, Vajsar J et al. National Institutes of Health ($2,400,000 2003-06).

Dean’s Fund.  Perez Velazquez JL. University of Toronto($10,000 2001-06).

Dynamic brain patterns in neocortical areas during interpersonal transactions.  Perez Velazquez JL.  Bial Foundation (45,000 €2005-07).

Evaluating research-based early intervention for children at risk for reading and academic failure.  Lovett MW, DePalma M, Frijters JC. Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO ($148,500 2005-07).

Fellowship Funding.  deVeber G (for fellow Adam Kirton).  American Academyof NeurologyFoundation and AlbertaHeritage Foundation ($61,280 2005-06).

Generation and characterization of mice with isoform-specific Mecp2 deficiency.  Minassian BA. Rett Syndrome Research Foundation ($121,170 2004-06).

Genetics of reading disabilities. Barr C, Humphries T, Lovett M, Tannock R.  Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($883,370 2002-07).

Health-related quality of life in children with epilepsy: The first two years through parents' eyes. Ronen G, Speechley KN, Camfield CS, Smith ML, Wiebe S, Levin S, Zou G. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($393,000 2005-06).  Weiss S.  Participant recruiter.

Immune regulation and biomarker development in pediatric and adult onset human autoimmune diseases.  Bar-Or A, Banwell B, Piccirillo P, Sherman P, Polychronakos C. The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation ($10,000 2005-10).

Impact of multiple sclerosis on myelin and neuronal integrity in children.  Banwell, B, Arnold D, Shroff M, Sled J, Narayanan S. Canadian Institutes of Health Research  - New Investigator Award ($84,593 2005-06).

Impact of non-invasive ventilation on children and adolescents with neuromuscular conditions.  MacLusky I, Katz S, Banwell B, Nicholas D, Vajsar J, Keilty-Lau K, Mitchell M, Boyd J, Anderson P, Balthazor M: The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation ($70,000 2002-06).

International Paediatric Stroke Study: Networking Grant.  deVeber G.  Canadian Stroke Network ($40,000 2005-06).

International pediatric stroke study, Phase II.  deVeber G. Canadian Stroke Network ($76,000, 2005-07).

Katherine Chan, Phd Student. SneadOC. Restracomp Awards ($20,000 2005-06).

Mitochondrial porin as a target against neurodegeneration.  Perez Velazquez JL.  Canadian Institutes of Health Research/Canadian Neurotrauma Research Programme ($282,500 2000-05).

Molecular basis of Lafora bodies (starch formation in the brain ) and Lofora's progressive myoclonus epilepsy.  Minassian BA, Ackerley CA, Scherer SW, Lohi H. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($1,146,830 2006-11).

Molecular genetics and functional studies in Lafora's progressive myoclonus epilepsy.  Minassian BA, Scherer SW. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($866,680 2000-05).

Multiple-component remediation for struggling middle school readers. Morris R, Lovett MW, Sevcik R, Frijters JC. Institute of Education Sciences (US $2,800,000  2006-10).

Multi-site pediatric network for fMRI mapping in childhood epilepsy.  Gaillard WD, Duchowny M,  Bernal B, Donner E, Trevathan E, Zempel J, Flamini R, Nordi D, Wylie E, Lachhwani D, Dlugos D, Cross H, Simon Harvey A.  American Epilepsy Society ($78,000 2005-07).

Murine knockout model of 4-hydroxybutyric acid.  SneadOC.  National Institute of Health  ($587,500 USD 2006-11).

Murine succinate semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency: An epileptic disorder with elevated CNS GABA.  SneadOC. Epilepsy Foundation/Partnership for Pediatric Epilepsy Research ($100,000 2003-06).

Neuroimaging.  Snead OC. Ontario Research Development Challenge Fund ($800,000 2001-06).

Neuroimaging and plasticity in the immature brain. Shroff MM, Taylor MJ.  Translational Research Grant, Dept. of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto($105,000 2005-08).

Optimizing primary stroke prevention in children with sickle cell anemia (STOP II).  Olivieri N, MacGregor DL. National Institutes of Health ($195,951 2000-05).

Phase synchronization in neural activity as a mechanism for network formation.Perez Velazquez JL.  Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Discovery Grant ($142,880 2003-07).

Prospective study of the clinical epidemiology, pathology, and neuroimaging features of Canadian children with clinically isolated demyelinating syndromes.  Banwell B, Bar-Or A, Sadovnick D, Arnold D. Multiple Sclerosis Scientific Research Foundation ($4,300,000 2004-09).

Reading comprehension of adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning disabilities. Wiener J, Humphries T, Malone M, Tannock R.  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council ($143,877 2005-08).

Rett Syndrome Research.  Minassian BA.  The White Family Donation.  ($235,000 2004-06).

Role of the carnitine/organic cation transporters in the mammary gland and implications for the suckling infant.  Tein I: Mead-Johnson Grant ($10,074 2005-06).

Self perception, behavioural attributions and perceptions of social relationships of adolecents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning disabilities. Wiener J, Humphries T, Malone M, Tannock R.  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council ($143,870 2005-08).

Stroke Investigator Award.  deVeber G.  Heart and Stroke Foundation Ontario. ($52,500 2005-06).

Stroke Investigators Award "Research Scholar".  deVeber  GA. Heart and Stroke Foundation ($260,000 2001-06).

The Children’s Stroke Project. deVeber G.  Anonymous Children's Foundation ($2,800,000 2001-09).

The Children's Stroke Project.  deVeber GA. Anonymous Children's Foundation ($1,850,000 2001-06).

The diagnosis and etiology of congenital diseases with muscle, eye, and brain abnormalities.  Vajsar J, Schachter H, Biggar D, Hawkins C. Physicians' Services Incorporated ($159,000 2003-05).

The role of carnitine transporters in sperm motility and maturation and male fertility.  Tein  I, Librach C, Jarvi K. Physicians'  Services Incorporated  Foundation of Ontario($166,000 2003-05).

The T265Dn mice model.  Cortez MA.  Hospital For Sick Children Foundation ($5,000 2005-06).

Toward the correction of Rett-like behavior in MeCP2-defiecient mice by exogenous gene delivery.  SneadOC.  Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($117,137 2004-2009).

Treating Lafora Disease with the ketogenic diet.  INMHA Fellowship Award (for post-doctoral fellow Miles Thompson).  Minassian BA: Epilepsy Canada/Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($120,000 2005-08).

Treatment of developmental reading disabilities.  Morris R, Lovett MW, Wolf M.  National Instituteof Healthand Human Development ($5,610,656 2001-06).

Unraveling the causative defect in the X-linked myopathy with excessive autophagy.  Minassian BA. Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Neuromuscular Research Partnership ($310,665 2003-07).

Research Funding - Non Peer Reviewed

Sleep disturbances in children with an involuntary movement disorder.  Soman T, Logan W, Weiss S. Budget funds from collaborators ($2,000 2006).

Vitamin D homeostasis in pediatric multiple sclerosis.  Banwell B, Hung R, Goldman R, Sochett E: Directed donation of The Hospital for Sick Children ($12,000 2005-06).