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Awards 2006-2007

Atypical absence epilepsy: GABA B receptor-mediated mechanisms.  Snead OC  III, Francis J, Cortez MA. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($315,376 2000-08)

Atypical absence epilepsy: GABABR-mediated mechanisms.  Snead OC III.  Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($705,000 2003-08)

Carnitine-responsive cardiomyopathy & the different-affinity carnitine transporters. Tein I. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario ( $267,144 2004-08)

Centre for the Investigation of Neuroplasticity and Developmental Disorders  Snead OC, Taylor MJ, Salter M, Josselyn S, Westall C, Dennis M, Tannock R, Sled J, Cheyne D, Campbell M. Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) ($15,709,086 2006-11)

Characterization of factors and mechanisms that explain the association between physical activity and lung health in cystic fibrosis: Does muscle function play a role?  Ratjen F, Coates A,  Tein I. Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Grant ($158,000 2006-08)

Childhood stroke project: Ontario needs assessment for childhood stroke.  deVeber G. Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care ($185,000 2005-07) 

Cognitive behavioral therapy as a novel approach  to the management of dystonia in children: A pilot study. Soman T, Logan W, Chen R, O’Driscoll H. Hospital for Sick Children Foundation ($4,500 2007-08)

Evaluating research-based early intervention for children at risk for reading and academic failure. Lovett MW, De Palma M, Frijters JC. Operating grant awarded by the Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO ($148,500 2005-07)

Genetics of reading disabilities. Barr CL, Tannock R, Lovett MW, Humphries TW. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($898,643 2002-07)

Health-related quality of life in children with epilepsy: the first two years after diagnosis through parents’ eyes. Smith ML, Nixon-Speechley K, Camfield C, Wiebe S, Zou G, Levin S.   ($393,692 2003-08)

Iatrogenic Effects of Stimulant medication on sleep in children with ADHD.  Corkum P, Weiss S: Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($295,000 2006)

ICES paediatric linkage project.  deVeber G, To T, Zak M.  Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Integrated Policy and Planning Research Unit ($30,000 2006-07)

Identification of genetic causes of pediatric neurological conditions and using these to uncover the cellular pathways involved and to determine the ways in which they are disturbed.  Minassian BA. Canada Research Chairs Program ($478,585 2006-11)

Impact of non-invasive ventilation on children and adolescents with neuromuscular conditions.  MacLusky I, Katz S, Banwell B, Nicholas D, Vajsar J, Keilty-Lau K, Mitchell M, Boyd J, Anderson P, Balthazor M. The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation ($70,000 2002-07)

Measurement and modulation of brain plasticity in pediatric stroke using transcranial magnetic stimulation.  deVeber G, Kirton A.  Canadian Stroke Consortium Research Committee ($26,600 2006-07)

MEB Diseases.  Vajsar J. SickKids Foundation ($37,000 2006-07)

Molecular basis of Lafora bodies (starch formation in the brain ) and Lofora's progressive myoclonus epilepsy.  Minassian BA, Ackerley CA, Scherer SW, Lohi H. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($1,146,830 2006–11)

Multimodal neuroimaging of frontal lobe cognitive function in children. Taylor MJ, Donner EW, Pang EW. Canadian Institutes of Health Research  (2006-11 $466,335)

Multiple-component remediation for struggling middle school readers. Morris R, Lovett MW, Sevcik R, Frijters JC. Institute of Education Sciences (USD $2,882,630 2006-10)

Multi-site pediatric network for fMRI mapping in children.  Gaillard WD, Donner EJ.  American Epilepsy Society ($78,000 2005-07)

Murine knockout model of 4-hydroxybutyric aciduria, Snead OC III. National Institutes of Health ($587,500 USD 2006–11)

Murine succinate semialdehyde Dehydrogenase deficiency: An epileptic disorder with elevated CNS GABA, Co-I, Epilepsy Foundation/Partnership for Pediatric Epilepsy Research ($100,000 2003-06)

Neuroimaging the development of frontal lobe cognitive function in autism. Taylor MJ, Roberts W, Donner EJ, Shroff MM, Bayless SJ.  National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR) ($115,907 USD 2006-08)

Neuroimaging.  Snead OC III.  Ontario Research Development Challenge Fund  ($800,000 2001-06)

Neuromagnetic imaging methods for realistic models of brain activity. Cheyne D, Otsubo H, Taylor MJ. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($114,806 2006)

Restracom training fellowship, post-doctoral fellowship stipend for Greg Wells PhD. Tein I, Coates A. The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation ($73,000 2005-07)

Role of the carnitine/organic cation transporters in the mammary gland and implications for the suckling infant Tein I. Mead-Johnson Grant ($28,500 2007-08)

Seed grant funding for multidisciplinary research projects.  deVeber G, Taylor, M, Shroff M. Dept. of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto ($70,000 2006-2008)

 Systemic oxygen transport and neurologic outcomes after Norwood. Arsdell G, Otsubo, H. Heart and Stroke Foundation ($118,000 2006-08)

The practice of pediatric movement disorders amongst pediatricians.  Soman T, MacGregor D. Hospital for Sick Children Foundation ($500 2006-08)

The role of carnitine transporters in sperm motility and maturation and male fertility. Tein I. Physicians’ Services Incorporated Foundation ($166,000 2003-06)

The Ts65Dn mice model.  Cortez MA. HSC Foundation, Down Syndrome Fund ($5,000 2005-07)

Towards targeted intervention for specific cognitive deficits in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and comorbid reading disorder. Tannock R, Swanson JM, Lovett MW, Benson NJ, Ickowicz A.  National Institute of Mental Health (USD $450,600 2003-06)

Towards the correction of Rett-like behavior in MeCP2-deficient mice by exogenous gene delivery. Snead OC III, Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($585,685 2004-09)

Treating Lafora disease with the ketogenic diet.  INMHA Fellowship Award for post-doctoral fellow Miles Thompson.  Minassian BA: Epilepsy Canada/Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($120,000 2005-08)

Unravelling the pathogenesis of the autophagic vacuolar myopathies.  Minassian BA, Ackerley C, Manolson MF.  Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($779,395 2007-12)

Validation of accelerometry as a measure of physical activity and inactivity in children with chronic disease.  Feldman B, Stephens S, Takken T, Van der Net J, Tremblay M, Eslinger D, Bigger W, Wright V, Schneiderman-Walker J, Longmuir P, Banwell B,  Beyenne J. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis - Seed Grant: Physical Activity, Sport and Health Competition ($64,985 2007-08)

Validation of the NIH Stroke Scale in Children.  deVeber G, Ichord R.  NINDS. ($45,000  2006-09)