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Awards 2001-2002

A population based cohort study of incidence, health care, utilizations and outcomes in children with stroke. deVeber GA, Teresa To: Canadian Institute of Health Research  ($199,152; 2002).

Outcome evaluation of pediatric acquired brain injury: An examination of 900 client database including five-year follow-up study. Johnson P, deVeber G, Anderson P, Curtis R: Bloorview MacMillan Foundation ($97,954; 2002-2003)

A double blind placebo controlled randomized clinical trial of fluroxamine and sertraline in childhood autism. Sunita V, Roberts W, Balthazor M: Ontario Mental Health Foundation ($114,688; 2000-2003)

A multi-centre, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial and an open-label long-term tolerability trial of zolmitriptan (ZOMIGTM). MacGregor DL: Astra-Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc. ($15,500; 1999-2002)

A randomized double-blind trial of creatine monohydrate in patients with muscular dystrophy (DMD/BMD and DM). Tarnopolsky M, Vajsar J, Biggar D: Muscular Dystrophy Association USA ($138,000; 2000-2002)

Atypical Absence Epilepsy: GABAB. Snead OC, Cortez M, Francis E: Canadian Institute of Health Research ($330,000; 2000-2003)

Canadian Stroke Network: Theme II, optimizing acute stroke care in Canada (7 year grant) (no funds committed to Gabrielle deVeber). Hakim A, deVeber G: Networks of Centres of Excellence, Canadian Government ($4,700,000; 2000-2007)

Carnitine-responsive cardiomyopathy and the high affinity carnitine transporter defect. Tein I: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Grant ($25,000; 2001-2002)

Central nervous system recovery following paediatric ischemic stroke evaluated by functional MRI.  Logan W, deVeber G: Hospital for Sick Children Paediatric Consultants Grant ($10,000; 1999-2001)

Cerebral palsy research. Logan WJ: Grotto Cerebral Palsy Foundation ($90,000; 1996-2001)

Characterization of patients with childhood autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy. Vajsar J: The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation ($37,900; 2000-2003)

Commercial applications of gene discovery in the progressive myoclonus epilepsies. Minassian B:  Canadian International Development Agency ($30,000; 2002-2003)

Early development of Williams syndrome. Anderson P, Balthazor M, Roberts W, Weksberg R, Cytrynbaum C: The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute ($25,800; 2000-2001)

Examination of auditory function in children using MEG. Pang E, Otsubo Hiroshi, Sharma R, Chuang S: Seed Grant at the Hospital for Sick Children ($19,210; 2002-2003)

Exploring the gap between knowledge and behaviour: A qualitative study of clinician action following an educational intervention. Kennedy T, Lingard L, Rosenfield J, Roberts W: CIHR-ACMC  ($19,492; 2001-2002)

Generation of carnitine transporter OCTN1 knock-out mouse. I Tein:  Hospital for Sick Children Foundation Grant  ($60,000; 2002-2003)

Genetics of ADHD. Barr C, Schachar R, Roberts W, Malone M, Tannock R, Kennedy J: Psychiatry Endowment Fund, The Hospital For Sick Children ($12,680; 1997-2002)

Genotype and phenotype of brainstem injury in autism. Rodier PM, Figlewicz DA, Hyman S, Bryson S, Miller M, Stanton M, Gudas L. (Roberts W, Buncic R - consultants): National Institute for Health (NIH) ($5,527,893; 1997-2002)

Hydrocephalus: MRI morphometric and cognitive correlations. Dennis M, MacGregor D: National Institute for Health (NIH) ($1,131,141; 1998-2003)

Identifying early markers of risk in infant siblings of children with P.D.D. Zwaigenbaum L, Szatmari P, Bryson S, Roberts W: Hospital For Sick Children Foundation  ($129,958; 2000-2002)

Identifying early signs of autism: A study of infant siblings. Zwaigenbaum L, Szatmari P, Bryson S, Roberts W: National Alliance Autism Research ($250,000; 2001-2004)

Impact of intracranial bleeds on the health and quality of life of boys with hemophilia. Feldman B, Blanchette V, Barnes M, Logan W: Aventis Pharm. Inc. ($29,788; 2001)

Investigation of genetic factors in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Barr C, Schachar R, Roberts W, Malone M, Tannock R, Kennedy J:  Medical Research Council ($592,095; 1997-2002)

Localization brain language in a normal pediatric population: A comparison of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and magnetoencephalography/magnetic source imaging (MEG/MSI) techniques. Logan W, Pang E, Otsubo H: Pediatric Consultants, Research Proposal Hospital For Sick Children  ($5,000; 2002-2003)

Localizing brain language areas in a normal paediatric population: A comparison of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and magnetoencephalography/magnetic source imaging (MEG/MSI).  Logan WJ, Pang E: Paediatric Consultants ($5,00; 2001-2002)

MEG normal data of children: Functional mapping somatosensory cortex. Xiang J, Otsubo H, Wilson D, Holowka S, Sharma R: Seed Grant - The Hospital For Sick Children ($19,210; 2002-2003)

mGluR4-mediated mechanisms of absence seizures. Snead OC, Hampson D: Medical Research Council of Canada ($249,390; 1999-2002)

Mitochondrial encephalomyopathies - MELAS dichloroacetate trial. De Vivo DC, Tein I (External Medical Review and Advisory Committee): National Institutes of Health Grant (NICHD) ($1,144,125; 1999-2004)

Molecular genetics and functional studies in Lafora's progressive myoclonus epilepsy. Minassian B: Canadian Institute of Health Research ($866,680; 2000-2005)

Murine knockout of 4-hydroxybutyrate aid. Snead OC, Gibson M: National Institute Health ($504,000; 2000-2004)

Neurobehavioural outcome of head injury in children. (subcontract). Dennis M, MacGregor DL: NINDS ($5,186,891; 1998-2004)

Neuroimaging. Snead, OC: Ontario Research Development Challenge Fund ($800,000; 2001-2006)

Neurometabolic Research. Tein I:  Neurometabolic Research Fund  ($5,000; 1991-2002)

Neuropsychological and MRI characteristics of pediatric multiple sclerosis. Banwell B, Anderson P, Huber J, Blaser S.  Pilot Project Grant, Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Society.  ($25,720; 2000-2001)

New defects in polyamine metabolism. Hyland K, Baylor University, Dallas, Texas, Tein I (Consultant):  National Institutes of Health Grant (NINDS) ($869,53; 2001-2004)

Optimizing primary stroke prevention in children with sickle cell anemia (STOP II). Olivieri N, MacGregor DL:  National Institute of Health ($195,951; 2000-2005)

Quality of life for children with long-term disabilities: Instrument development and validation. Renwick R., Friefeld S, Rosenfield J, Raphael D, Brown I: The Hospital For Sick Children Foundation ($84,934; 2000-2001)

Raising serum free polyunsaturates in humans and breath acetone. Cunnane S, Curtis R: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council  ($317,000; 2001-2003)

Research Fellowship Award (Dr. M. Frantseva). Snead, OC:  Canadian Institute of Health Research - Fellowship Award ($38,500; 2001-2004)

Serotinergic mechanisms in atypical absence seizures. Snead OC:  Hospital For Sick Children, Paediatric Consultants ($5,000; 2001-2002)

Stroke Investigator Award "Research Scholar" deVeber GA:  Heart and Stroke Foundation ($59,500/yr; 2001-2006)

Stroke Investigator Award: Phase II. deVeber G: Heart and Stroke Foundation  ($59,973; 1998-2001)

The Children's Stroke Project. deVeber GA:  Anonymous Children's Foundation ($1,625,000; 2001-2006)

The role of defective carnitine transport in male infertility. I Tein: Physicians' Services Incorporated Foundation of Ontario Grant,  ($164,000; 2001-2003)

Use of creatine monohydrate in the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Vajsar J:  Research Institute, Hospital for Sick Children, Seed Grant 2000  ($26,475; 2000-2002)

Using event-related potentials (ERP) to characterize auditory processing deficits in autism spectrum disorders and Landau-Kleffner Syndrome. Pang Elizabeth W, Logan WJ, Roberts W: Cure Autism Now Foundation  ($80,000; 2002-2004)

Virological studies in pediatric multiple sclerosis. Banwell B, Al-Otaibi S, Hewter H, Tellier R: Funded by a directed donation to the HSC Foundation. ($8,000; 2002)

Visual function in infants and children treated with vigabatrin. Westall C, Buncic R, Snead C, Logan W: Aventis Pharm Inc. ($100,000; 2000-2001)

Visual function in infants and children treated with vigabatrin. Snead OC, Westall C, Logan W: CIHR ($300,000; 2001-2004)

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