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Administrative support

Laurie Carvalho
Admin Assistant for: Drs. Chau, Go. Yeh
Phone: 416-813-7654 ext. 207353
Email: laurie.carvalho@sickkids.ca

Jennifer Hyde
Assistant for:  Drs. Dlamini, Moharir, Pulcine
Phone: 416-813-7721
Email: jennifer.hyde@sickkids.ca

Fatima Ledo 
Admin Assistant for:  Drs. Tam, Whitney, Logan, Otsubo, Pang
Phone: 416-813-6660
Email: fatima.ledo@sickkids.ca

Wendy Bennett
Admin Assistant for:  Drs. Gonorazky, Tein, Vajsar, Weiss, MacGregor, 
Phone: 416-813-5668
Email: wendy.bennett@sickkids.ca

Susy O'Neill
Divisional Administrative Lead and Assistant to  
Dr. Steven Miller, Head of the Division of Neurology
Phone: 416-813-6659
Email: susy.oneill@sickkids.ca

Daniela Trecapelli
Assistant for:  Drs. Donner, Hahn, Longoni
Phone: 416-813-7037
Email: daniela.trecapelli@sickkids.ca

Wendy Ricketts
Admin Assistant for:  Drs. Cortez, Kobayashi, Snead
Phone: 416-813-7851
Email: wendy.ricketts@sickkids.ca

Annalisa Khan
Education Administrative Coordinator, Neurology Training Program 
Phone: 416-813-6332
Email: annalisa.khan@sickkids.ca

Abigail Tungul 
Education Administrative Coordinator, Neurology Subspecialty Training Program 
Phone: 416-813-7500 ext 222883
Email: abigail.tungul@sickkids.ca

Barbara Zimnowodzki
Phone: 416-813-6308
Email: barbara.zimnowodzki@sickkids.ca