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Clinic Information

For clinic information regarding appointment dates and times, follow up information and general information regarding the neurosurgery clinic process, please call 416-813-5222.

Nurse Practitioners, 5C Neurosurgery

Patricia Rowe, Support to Dr. Peter Dirks
416-813-7654 X203481, patricia.rowe@sickkids.ca

Sara Breitbart, Support to Drs. Abhaya Kulkarni and George Ibrahim
416-813-8482 X208482, sara.breitbart@sickkids.ca

Arbelle Manicat-Emo, Support to Dr. James Rutka
416-813-5074 X205074, arbelle.manicat-emo@sickkids.ca

Stacy Cutler, Support to Drs. James Drake and Michael Taylor
416-813-5077 X205077, stacy.cutler@sickkids.ca

Elisabeth White, Neurosurgery Outreach
416-813-7487 X207487, elisabeth.white@sickkids.ca

Administrative Team

Sarah Carter, Supervisor, Administrative Services
Divisions of Neurosurgery and Cardiovascular Surgery
Surgical and Administrative Coordinator to Drs. Peter Dirks and Abhaya  Kulkarni
416-813-6427 or ext. 206427, sarah.carter@sickkids.ca

Rossoula Cockfield, Education Administrative Coordinator
For enquiries regarding neurosurgical fellowships, observerships and elective rotations please call 416-813-6428.

Seetha Sriharan, Surgical Administrative Coordinator
Support to Drs. James Drake, George Ibrahim and Michael Taylor
416-813-6125, seetha.sriharan@sickkids.ca

Stephanie Lockhart, Surgical Administrative Coordinator & Support to Dr. James Rutka
416-813-6425, stephanie.lockhart@sickkids.ca


Division of Neurosurgery
Rooms 1504 and 1503, Hill Wing
The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)
555 University Avenue
Toronto, ON  
M5G 1X8

Fax: 416-813-4975

SickKids Maps & Directions


Please visit our SickKids Referrals page for more information.