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Research activities

The Hospital's Research Institute houses the Hydrocephalus Research Laboratory and the Arthur & Sonia Labatt Brain Tumor Research Centre

James Drake supervises the hydrocephalus research projects, including the pathophysiology of hydrocephalus with such techniques as autoradiography, MR spectroscopy, immunohistochemistry and computer modelling. Postions for graduate students or research fellows are available.

Dr. James Rutka is the Director of the Labatt Brain Tumor Research Centre, which has been successfully funded since 1990. He was joined by Dr. Peter Dirks in 1998. Molecular biologic techniques are used to determine the causes of childhood brain tumors from which several novel treatments for the malignant brain tumor are being developed.

The computerized database has been in existence since the 1960s and it covers a variety of diagnoses and surgical procedures. It provides information and statistical data to assist with the preparation and publishing of reviews on paediatric neurosurgical topics. The database is being updated on a continuing basis.

During the past two decades, extensive clinical research which examined the outcomes in children treated for brain and spinal cord tumors, trauma, spinal dysraphism and other developmental disorders has been and continues to be carried out. The information has been delivered to various scientific forums as well as appearing in the traditional neurosurgical literature.

The weekly pro forma educational sessions include Combined Neurology and Neurosurgery Conference, Neurosurgical Morbidity and Mortality Rounds and Case Conference, Epilepsy Rounds and Neuro-oncology Rounds. In addition, there is a structured weekly resident's seminar which is topic oriented.

See Our labs page to read about the research activities of Dr. James Rutka, Dr. Peter Dirks, Dr. George Ibrahim and Dr. Michael Taylor.