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What we do

SickKids Neurosurgery offers the highest level of care to children with all types of neurosurgical disorder. Because of the complexities involved in neurosurgery, the experience of the treating team makes a difference. 

At SickKids, we have one of the most experienced and skilled clinical teams in Canada. Children are treated within the Division’s many Clinical Programs:

    • Brain and Spinal Cord Tumour Program
    • Craniofacial Program
    • Epilepsy Program
    • Spasticity Program
    • Spinal Dysraphism Program
    • Complex Spine Program
    • Trauma Program
    • Vascular Program 
    • Hydrocephalus Program
    • Movement Disorders Program
    • Neuromodulation and Deep Brain Stimulation Program

See our Programs & Services page for further information.