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Clinical Technologies

Nurses are continuously challenged to incorporate new technologies into their practice. While technology has always had a significant impact on nursing practice, nursing practice has not always been able to drive technological transformation within hospital environments. At SickKids, nursing involvement in technology planning and implementation has been formalized as Clinical Informatics and Technology (CIT), within the Nursing portfolio. Working from the premise that evidence-based practice should drive the process of acquiring, implementing, maintaining and upgrading technologies, CIT provides leadership, expertise and practical support to ensure the optimal integration of technology with nursing practice.

The model that defines this process at SickKids includes the following:

  • comprehensive hospital-wide practice reviews;
  • literature reviews;
  • benchmarking with paediatric institutions in Canada, the U.S. and other parts of the world with comparable levels of health care;
  • development of evidence-based standards;
  • the acquisition of the technology that best supports the desired practice;
  • and the simultaneous implementation of the new evidence-base standards and technology

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